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Apple iWatch Rumours

Apple iWatch Rumours

Apple iWatch rumours show no sign of abating. Reports and speculation have been flying about the ttt-tick-tock-technology newsrooms along with mock-images of what the device might just look like.

According to a Bloomberg report from Tuesday, a team of 100 product designers are working on a ‘watch-like device’ which may well perform tasks that are now handled by the iPhone and iPad, such as Siri and Maps, offering features like walking directions. There is thought to be truth in the report due to the infallible truth-test: if a rumour about Apple appears in the Wall Street Journal then it is likely to be true. And it has. Foolproof, you might say.

Two key Apple employees, programme manager Achim Pantfoerder and senior director of engineering James Foster are said to be playing a significant part in the development, as well as various other managers, marketers and software and hardware engineers. The team is said to have grown over the past year which strongly suggests that the watch is ‘beyond the experiment phase of its development’. How very intriguing.

But what will make the iWatch stand out from the crowd? Apparently it will create a new genre of ‘wristwatch-style computers’ – now that’s pretty original, I’d say. Although there's a danger that we're going to have too many gadgets and gizmos than we can keep track of here, wouldn't you say? How many do we actually need? Our lovely smartphones already have a watch, GPS and the like - so why on earth would we want to fork out for an iWatch? The mind does boggle a bit...

Having said that, it does sound pretty cool; rumour has it that the glass will be uniquely flexible; it may well be able to ‘curve around the human body’. Oop, saucy. Some are suggesting that it is maybe Willow-Glass which ‘can flop as easily as a piece of paper in the wind’. Not sure you'd neccessarily chose that quality in a watch, but... who knows.

Word on virtual Fleet Street is that Apple's CEO Tim Cook is under pressure from investors to keep up with rivals like Samsung by introducing something completely different. Which this most certainly is. If you think about it; a little injection of something new is maybe just what Apple need to spice things up a bit as their classic design for the iPod, iPhone and iPad remains largely unchanged. I suppose time will tell - here at OnRecycle we're certainly excited to hear more about this latest venture.

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