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Best Smartphone on the Market

Best Smartphone on the Market

Choosing the right smartphone can be baffling; you have so much information, countless specs and reviews to wade through until you can make an informed decision. If you’re currently in this situation – or are just a smartphone geek-freak (I love you) – then this instalment is for you; I have compiled a list of the top five smartphones on the market today and explained why they are just so divine.

They are not listed in any kind of order like ‘worst first’ because all of these handsets are stunning feats of technological triumph; they are all beautiful, perform extremely well and cost roughly the same. It just depends who you are and what your preferences are.

Google Nexus 4

The Google Nexus 4 has been coveted by many for some time now; the delays in its shipping and distribution just adding flames to the fire, tantalising buyers.

For those who are after or own the device it’s definitely seen as the best around. It runs on the latest Android Operating System, Jelly Bean 4.2, receives the latest updates direct from Google and is very efficient.

It sports some great features such as the 360 degree image capture, Photo Sphere and wireless charging. But there’s nothing too fancy; it’s a smart phone that performs with panache and simplicity. And it’s bloomin’ good value too, at £239 without a contract.

Perhaps it’s only downer is that is doesn’t include a microSD slot so it’s not great for content devourers. But that’s no biggy, really, for the majority of people. If you’re a content megalomaniac then perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S3, or Sony Xperia Z are more for you.

Screen: 4.7”, 768x1280, Processor: 1.5GHz Quadcore, Storage: 8/16GB, Camera: 8MP, Dimensions: 134x69x9.1mm, 139g

For: minimalists who rate quality above quantity (or gizmos)


HTC’s flagship phone has been burdened with the loaded task of saving a sinking ship; so it had to be top notch. And luckily for all you consumers out there, it is!

Its new design is sleek, metallic and echoes the quality of its innards. It excels in sound and display quality while its ultrapixel camera (megapixels are so last year) comes top of the class for quality low light snaps.

It’s easy to use and its new interface – dubbed the ‘Blink Feed’ – pulls together all your social media and news content into one feed. Basically it’s been created specifically for Generation Feed; which is those of us who can’t keep our eyes off our phones for fear of missing an update or tweet. Everyone, then.

Screen: 4.7”, 1920x1080, Processor: 1.7GHz Quadcore, Storage: 16/32GB, Camera: 4MP Ultrapixel 2686x1520, Dimensions: 137x68x9.3mm, 143g

For: Generation Feed and socialites

iPhone 5

The latest iPhone has been labelled the best mobile the company has ever made; and that’s no mean feat. Apple churn out top quality, stylish handsets which are always in the top of the league.

There’s not too much to note as this phone has altered little from its predecessors; it’s a case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just improve it where you can. And they certainly have. It’s on Britain’s fastest network, EE and has just got lighter and lighter to boot.

Other than that; it’s just the same old Apple. Love it or hate it.

Screen: 4”, 1280x720, Processor: A6, Storage: 16/32/64GB, Camera: 8MP, 1080p, Dimensions: 124x59x7.6mm, 112g

For: Apple apostles

Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z is a smart looking phone, if ever there was one. Its waterproof design is definitely a bit of a bonus; as is it's brilliant 5” screen - great for watching films - while its sound quality is also amazing.

With its microSD slot, it’s great range of Android apps and great display this is a brilliant option for content devourers. Although its camera really isn’t the best, so if you’re into snapping then it might be wise to give this one a miss.

Screen: 5” 1920x1080, Processor: 1.5GHz Quadcore, Storage: 16GB with MicroSD, Camera: 12MP, 1080p, Dimensions, 139x71x7.9mm, 146g.

For: those who like big screens, those who aren’t interested in photography and people who have a propensity to drop phones down the loo

Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is, without a doubt, the dominant Android phone on the market. As well as having an excellent performance; it also sports pretty cool eye tracking features like Smart Stay and Smart Call which automatically calls contacts when you look at them and move the handset closer to your face.

The split screen invites you to run on two applications simultaneously and the great storage capabilities means it’s a fab choice for all you content lovers out there. It also sports the best battery around and comes with a range of bespoke charging packs, too.

The only downside to this handset – and it is subjective, anyway – is it’s plastic-y feel. It doesn’t suggest the quality that the totally metal effect of the HTC One or the iPhone does. Although this is misleading as the phone is top quality, it could put off some people who like a solid, industrial looking phone.

Screen: 4.8”, 1280x720, Processor: 1.4GHz Quadcore, 16/32GB with MicroSD slot, Camera: 8MP, 1080p, Dimensions: 137x71x8.6mm.

For: People who like light phones; those who would choose performance over looks

Unless you have been totally taken by one of these handsets - and we certainly wouldn't blame you if you had - it might be worth your while waiting a little bit. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is being launched on the 14th and the iPhone 5S - as well as a budget iPhone - is expected this summer.

And remember if you do treat yourself or someone you love to one of these phones, then don't forget to recycle your old phone with us here at OnRecycle, where we can find you the best price; guaranteed.