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iPhone 5 To Be Released Without YouTube?

iPhone 5 To Be Released Without YouTube?

The two tech giants, Apple and Google, are currently in a state of "speculative denial" since Apple decided to create their own mapping software. Apple risk a lot here, as they're known within tech circles as being mainly a hardware company, whereas Google we all know is a software king - so without the software experience, how will Apple be able to handle such a setback like Youtube being pulled from their upcoming Operating System?

iPhone 5 may not have YouTube

Apple released the newest Beta for their iOS 6 on Monday. Previous versions contained the Youtube app but developers were dismayed to find it had gone with this release. Apple, as you probably know, had an issue with Adobe Flash within iOS. Google therefore let Apple develop the Youtube application for themselves, but there's a risk now that Google have pulled the plug.

This isn't such a bad thing though if you read between the lines. After Apple gave Reuters a statement confirming their licence to provide a YouTube application had expired, rumours regarding Google building that very same app for iOS emerged. This could be a great thing for all users of Apple devices as many people believe the current native Youtube application is pants.

One thing to keep in mind though is the key word "beta". iOS 6 hasn't been released yet and the lack of one application may simply be the actions of Apple making way for a newer version of the App.

Will Google be creating the Youtube app for Apple themselves

If Google start developing this app, they might include the much sought after video search filter settings, or even HD quality settings. These are two badly needed options that iOS users have had to live without, and it seems to be the most basic yet fundamental things you'd expect in a video streaming app.

The only problem we see here is that the newest iOS 6 is due out in about a month. Google won't be known to release dodgy software, so here's hoping they're almost done testing the app ready to launch to gracious fans. If they don't, we might just have to class it as a rather spiteful back hander at Apple.

Let us know in the comments whether you'd be happy without the YouTube app. Will you use Safari to browse Youtube instead? Did you never use it? Are you looking forward to the possibility of HD video on that glorious screen should Google implement the feature?