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Phones for Kids: Samsung's New Releases

Phones for Kids: Samsung's New Releases

The world’s most successful smartphone manufacturer of 2012 has just gone and revealed another four handsets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this week. As if they need any more success, I mean, really.

Just like Nokia’s release of four lower to mid end smartphones earlier in the week; Samsung’s revealed four new handsets that are aimed at a similar market. Basically, kids. Or the older generation. Or those on a budget. Oh and there's one for the hard-man, too. Take a look...

Samsung Galaxy Young

In keeping with its name, the new Samsung Galaxy Young is a low end smartphone, aimed at all our young whippersnappers out there.

This is not a bad looking phone at all. Despite its chunky attributes (it’s 0.49” thick), this budget handset echoes it’s bigger, grander and much higher spec big sister the Samsung Galaxy S3 in design. This is great because it means the little’uns won’t be jealous of your higher spec, sleeker equivalent. Although to a trained eye and touch this handset is definitely a budget device, to our next generation of leaders, lovers and losers the Young totes looks and feels the part.

And actually its functionality isn’t too bad. It has been dubbed ‘a super budget smartphone with a cutting edge OS’. Although the specs are the lowest imaginable on a modern smartphone, Samsung have somehow managed to still produce a pretty good piece of kit.

It comes with the tried and tested Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and its messaging capabilities are very good. Its screen is 3.27” HVGA resolution which isn’t the best around at all, let’s be honest, but it does the job. The camera isn’t great at 3MP with no LED light but again, it’s ok for taking quick snaps in the daylight and sharing pix online (they’ll all be tucked up in bed by night-time anyway, so this shouldn’t matter).

Perhaps its greatest appeal – second to the mimic design – is the data limit capabilities. This will definitely be popular with the ‘rents, making sure there’s no stress over massive data induced phone bills.

All in all, this phone does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a Galaxy S mini-me in terms of appearance which will make the kids happy, but its lower spec and low budget saves the parents' pockets. Perfect.

The price is yet to be revealed but we’re pretty confident it won’t break the bank.

Samsung Galaxy Fame

The Samsung Galaxy Fame is a step up from the Young, although the two look remarkably similar. The Fame – like the Young - echoes the style of the S3 with a white polycarbonate chassis and chrome framing.

The 3.5” screen offers a pretty low resolution which means that watching any kind of media on this device won’t be all that enjoyable. But, again, if the user is mainly concerned with social media, sharing snaps and chatting then this is really no problem at all.

It comes with the efficient Android Jelly Bean and even comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) although something tells us it might be a little wasted on this device. Its camera is slightly better than the Young at 5MP and comes with a flash. It also comes equipped with a microSD card slot for extra content storage. Great for the posy teenager and their endless reels of moody, pouty self-portraits.

Just to throw in some extra facts and figures for all you bill payers out there: it has a 1GHz processor, a 1300mAh removable battery and 512GB RAM. Not bad, not bad and not bad. ;)

Just like the Young, the Fame is great for the budget market. There’s no price or dates available yet, but we are pretty sure the two will be down the lower end of the price sheet.

Samsung Galaxy Grand

The Samsung Galaxy Grand is yet another step up in terms of quality; and probably price (see any pattern emerging here!?), which is echoed in its sleeker design. Samsung have taken the best and most important features from the Galaxy S3 and the Note II and have squeezed them into a more affordable smartphone.

The 5” display offers a respectable-ish 187ppi. There are two cameras on the device; an 8MP back facing with an LED flash and a 2MP front facing camera, which is great for snaps. The speed of the shutter is impressive, too, making the picture taking ability of this phone fairly credible.

It runs on a 1.2GHz dual core processor and has 7GB of RAM. There is also GLONASS support which is a plus to help back up the GPS.

Unlike the Fame there is no NFC, but this isn’t a biggy, especially if the phone is good value (price yet to be revealed). It works well, looks good and does the job pretty damn efficiently, too. This one could be a winner.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

Now the Samsung Galaxy Xcover is a little different from the previous handsets we’ve described in this blog. It’s not really for kids or teenagers to chat with mates and take posy snaps, it’s for men; real men (or women); outdoorsy men (or women); workmen; sporty types... you get the message. It’s like the ‘Yorkie Bar’ of the phone world.

This smartphone is a breath of fresh air; for those who like a breath of fresh air. Get it?! It is the most robust phone around at the moment and here’s why:

It is 1P67 certified which means it can be submerged in up to 1.5 metres of water before it starts complaining; you can throw it around in the sand and even drop it from a couple of metres onto a hard floor and this phone won’t bat an eyelid. It’s hard. The back cover of the phone is also screwed in making sure it won’t snap apart in case of a fall. So hard.

It’s 0.47” thick and weighs a hefty 150g which only helps to give you the impression of its pure solidity and strength. But under this tough exterior is actually a pretty decent smartphone, too. It has a 1GHz processor, 4” display, WVGA res and 1GB of RAM, 4GB storage and a microSD card slot capable of holding up to 32GB.

It has a 5MP camera which can take snaps underwater and it has an LED flash which doubles up as a torch. It also comes with upgraded GLONASS technology to make tracking you more efficient than ever which is very important for all you outdoorsy types. With this piece of kit you can even locate yourself on an offline map.

It is essentially an upgraded Galaxy S2 with a really hard, protective casing. The only real worry with this hard nut is its 1700mAh battery which might be a little too flimsy; especially if you’re going to be out and about for lengthy periods of time.

But overall this tough cookie looks to be a cracking phone that will stand the test of time.

So, here ends our round-up of Samsung’s new smartphone releases from the MWC. I can tell you’re waiting for something else, though, right like, where is the new flagship? Forget all these kiddi and hard men phones; where is the new high spec, shiny, sexy smartphone? Have patience friends Samsung are launching the brand new Galaxy S4 on the 14th March in Times Square – and we are all invited. There will be a live stream of the launch event on those infamous advertising screens, which you can also watch unfold live on YouTube if you’re one of the billions who don’t live in NYC. There's not long to wait now.

If you do decide to purchase one of these new releases when they are available, then don’t forget to recycle your old mobile here. It’s good for the environment and will help fund your new buy. Good times!