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Samsung Galaxy S4: Rumours Unpacked

Samsung Galaxy S4: Rumours Unpacked

Rumours surrounding the new Galaxy S4 have picked up quite a bit of velocity in the past few weeks, as the scheduled launch date draws ever nearer.

The eyes of the techy world will descend upon Times Square, New York, on the 14th of March at 7pm EST (about midnight for us Brits) where Samsung will stream a live unpacking of the S4. Tantalising teasing, wouldn’t you say? Stream-lining all media attention on a live event in the mecca of advertising is provoking exactly what it set out to produce: a frenzy of reports and gossip and here at OnRecycle we’re getting stuck right in, offering you a roundup of the rumours.

We like their confidence; launching their S3 last year at a stand-alone event sparked a trend which is clearly growing, with the likes of Blackberry and HTC following suit. And Samsung are going to trump them all again with this attention-grabbing, city hi-jacking event, which is perfectly timed to pick up S2 users as they come to the end of their contracts.

This phone has blue-blooded lineage with its predecessors both picking up phone of the year titles; and we expect nothing less from the S4.

We’re hoping the phone is rid of the plastic-y feel of its older siblings. Although it is built in this way to save weight, most of the niggles and complaints (few though there have been) surrounding the Galaxy series have been to do with its slightly low-end feel. We can’t help thinking that a more premium, metallic chassis like the HTC One or the iPhone would bump up the S4’s popularity somewhat. We’d be a little amazed if Samsung hadn’t picked up on this mood, so perhaps we could witness the unveiling of a super high-end looking and feeling phone. Fingers crossed. While we’re on the appearance theme, we’re pretty sure the homescreen button is here to stay; meaning an Xperia style display is probably off the cards.

Rumours surrounding the screen suggest either a 4.99” or 5” size, with a 440ppi resolution, while all fingers are crossed that it will operate on the Android 4.2 as opposed to 4.1. There is literally no reason why it wouldn’t and yet there are whisperings. Nooooooooo.

Various eye tracking movements have been reported which wouldn’t be surprising at all, seeing as the S3 sports the Smart Stay and Smart Call features and must have been worked on over the last year. Talk of other interesting features are a 10MP camera and wireless charging capabilities – like the Lumia range. Yes please, yes please and yes please. The S Health app might also be on the S4 which is pretty cool as it monitors your blood pressure and sugar, heart rate, BMI and weight. We’re also pretty sure it will have NFC.

But it’s not just the S4 that people have been whispering about; oh no. You might well have heard ‘Project J’ on people’s lips and we are just going to add to that speculation. We have no idea what this Project J could be; perhaps an S4 mini (although seeing as the S3 mini has just been launched we kind of doubt this)? Or maybe a watch-like device similar to the rumoured Apple iWatch? Hmmm.

Who knows? Or dares to dream
All we can do is sit back and wait (and watch this trailor!) Roll on the 14th!

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