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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released last week in both the UK and the US and early reactions suggest that it is certainly a victory for the South Korean firm.

Its predecessor the S3 was released just nine months ago, and was labelled the first mobile to really rival the oh-so dominant iPhone. But this time round Samsung’s contribution to the smartphone scene is being dubbed as the phone which is set to overtake its rival in the popularity stakes. Ooh, watch out Apple!

Although the new handset is jam-packed with impressive new features such as the eye tracking Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, inbuilt health-checker and remote control, it is the hardware which seems to be impressing commentators most. The SUPER AMOLED HD 5” screen is comprised of more pixels per inch than many of its rivals and, it has to be said, many HD TVs which would have set you back over a grand just a few years ago... and it weighs just 130g and fits nicely in the palm of your hand!

Its 13MP camera is more detailed than any of its Android competitors and Samsung have borrowed the interface from their range of digital cameras, offering S4 users a variety of different features, from filters to erase people who just bring that photo down a notch or two in the beauty stakes, to taking burst shots. The 2,600mAh battery is also impressive, pipping many of its rivals to the post in the durability stakes.

Although lighter than the S3, this handset suggests more quality and solidity than its predecessor. The designers have clearly picked up on the slightly disparaging comments regarding the S3’s plastic feel, and have adorned the newest model with that premium ‘faux metal’ chassis that HTC and iPhone customers are used to. The handset sports the same dimensions as its older sibling (69.8 x 136.6 x 7.9mm) meaning that with the expanded 5” screen, the bezels are much narrower giving a classier, sleeker look. It runs on the latest version of Android Jelly Bean and has flexible and expansive storage, with a microSD slot.

Overall the early reactions suggest the S4 is going to be a huge success. But be warned, delayed deliveries due to “unprecedented” demand mean that you might have to put some of that patience of yours into practise; with some reports suggesting a week long delay.

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