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Sell Your iPhone 5 with OnRecycle for £606*

Sell Your iPhone 5 with OnRecycle for £606*

*update:- After the media hype died down, recyclers saw the light after their morning coffee and have reduced the prices to a more respectable level. We're still the highest price comparison site online though!

Apparently, there's a new kid on the block. They're taller, faster, better looking and they've got more fans than Justin Bieber.

I'm talking of course about the iPhone 5. It's taller. It's faster. It's got a retina display. It's... basically nothing special.

Today we spotted news from several sources about how to sell my iPhone 5, but one article in particular from Yahoo News didn't take into account that OnRecycle has, once again, secured the highest price for the iPhone 5 across the entire comparison network for the UK. We've done this through our exclusive recycler scheme which means the iPhone 5 will be £1 more with a recycler on OnRecycle than anywhere else, and our recycler Buy and Sell Phones has gone a step further and has increased that to a massive £5 more for every single price available right now through mobile phone recyclers!

With most iPhone contracts being 24 months, the majority of iPhone customers eligible for upgrades to the iPhone 5 will be the early adopters of the iPhone 4 from 2010. Luckily, if you were an early iPhone 4 adopter and you've kept it in fairly decent condition, you can: Get up to £183 for the iPhone 4 8GB Sell your iPhone 4 16GB for up to £192 Recycle your iPhone 4 32GB for up to £213.

These prices won't hang around forever though, as we've shown on Facebook, iPhone prices will tumble the closer the iPhone 5 release date gets.

To many fans of the iPhone, the mere fact that this is the newest device is enough to empty their bank accounts directly into the hands of Cupertino's finest. As with most iPhone releases, there's no massive leap, no world-dominating innovation, they've just done what they do best which is make a shiny, well made smartphone but added a little more to sate the appetite of the needy nerdy. Yes there's a new processor and a new screen and a brand new dock connector, but if you look at the key points of the new iPhone, it's not really a massive improvement from the previous model the iPhone 4S.

We say, if you're happy with your current iPhone and don't particularly need the new tech, do the upgrade anyway and make yourself a load of cash and sell your iPhone!