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Sell your old mobile

Sell your old mobile

It’s official; Britain is a nation of phone-hoarders...

The research, which was conducted by One Poll, calculated that £6.86 billion ($10.7m) worth of phones are unused around the UK and that the average mobile user has 2.06 phones at home.

This is how that average balances out: according to the report, 78% of mobile users in the UK have one unused device and over a third have three or more. What on earth is that third up to? I mean, I kinda get having one as a spare if you don’t want to fork out for an insurance policy, but, three The mind boggles.

Maybe these figures will go someway to explaining it 53% said they kept a spare handset as insurance in-case anything happens to their current mobile (that figure is higher between 18-24 year olds at 57%), while 14.9% in the study said that they kept unused handsets because they are concerned that ‘personal data will be jeopardized’; Okkk
19% said they were ‘too lazy’ to get rid of them (Oh – come on!) and 18% said they were unsure as to what to with them. Hm
what a nation of lethargic eccentrics we are.

For the barmy 37% and paranoid 14.9% I have a solution for you: sell your old mobile with us here at OnRecycle. Every day we help hundreds of people find the best price for their old handsets and we pride ourselves on making the process efficient, reliable and simple for you.

So, come one, what are you waiting for? What would you prefer, an old and tired handset or £50?

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