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The New Apple iPhone Connector

The New Apple iPhone Connector

According to rumours, the entire new lineup of iOS devices such as the next generation iPhone, iPad mini and the next generation iPod touch will come with the a connector. According to AppleInsider, the new dock connector will not only be smaller, but it will also offer much faster connectivity and transfer rates even with (possibly) 9-pins compared to the current 30-pin connector.

The New Apple Connector Will Be Amazing

Of course, this change has many people throwing absolute tantrums. For years they've had 30-pin docks and chargers scattered around their house and at work, but now it'll all need to be replaced if they want to take the giant leap to the next apple device. We understand it'll quite possibly take a remortgage to replace a house kitted out with Apple's old docks but the upgrade is completely worth it. Why wouldn't you want:

  • A smaller plug.
  • More space on your iDevice for other hardware.
  • Faster transfer of your tunes and videos.
  • A plug you can put in any way round you want and it'll still work (take that USB!).

There's a risk that with the reduction in pins you'll end up losing some slight functionality, but Apple will no doubt fill the gap with something else. That's only if they drop the plug down to a tiny 8 pins, there's rumours around the 19-pin mark too which means the only thing you'll be missing is Firewire and a bit of video output.

The New Apple Connector Is A Step In The Right Direction

If you've owned a smartphone for more than a couple of years you'll remember the mini-USB connector. It's about twice as thick as the current micro-USB connector that was adopted as a standard recently, but it served no additional purpose - it was just dead weight taking up space unnecessarily. The move to micro-USB saw the same function but with a much smaller connector, allowing for slimmer phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II and Nokia Lumia 900 which would otherwise have seen either a fat bottom or an increase to the entire case overall. We've come to accept that smaller is better and in the majority this theory is correct. The tech sheet for the new apple connector shows some obsolete pins are being thrown away, pins that you just wouldn't miss on your iPhone or iPad.

We can't wait to see whether these rumours come true. We don't doubt Apple has something up its sleeve regarding the next wave of iDevices and we're excited to see how the company plans to move forward with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and upcoming Galaxy Note 2 to go up against.