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M&C Recycle are also known as m&c recycled reviews, mc recycle reviews and m and c recycle review.

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Brian England
Excellent service
Fast transaction as agreed. Good communication throughout!
Laura Thompson
Very efficient company and quick transfer of money.
Tosin Akisanya
Great service, not a bad price to recycle my phone. I was expecting more though, satisfied with the requested price. I will recommend and use again
Sophie Fellas
I can't recommend this company enough! Not only did they offer the highest price but they kept their word and paid exactly what they promised unlike a few other companies like WE BUY ANY PHONE,
Rodney Napolitano
I sent in my s6 in mint condition as described. Quoted £125 - payment received promptly very pleased. Read some poor reviews after i had sent my phone which made me uneasy. I held up my end so did they needn't of worried
Pete Smith
Couldn't fault it in regards transition, offer was very close to what originally offered and I am very happy with the offer. Money straight in to my account and no hassle at all. All I had to do was wrap the phone in bubble wrap as I consider the envelope that they sent was not appropriate for a breakable item, but small price to pay for a great service.
Christopher Callegari
Excellent service. Thank you.
Barry Loades
I believe I have answered this previously. I was happy with the service and the price give though course I would have liked more. Who wouldn't. One or two small hiccups which are no problem. I had emailed you that I had sent the item by parcel post and it would arrive Thursday and I received a bag to forward it after it had been sent. I also received an email that offered me a lower price but this was finger trouble and not for me. Apart from this I was happy withe service and the money arrived quickly. All in all a good service which if the occasion arose then I would use again. Certainly worth the five stars
David Warren
Received the mailing envelope and I wrapped my phone in foam and bubble wrap to be 100% sure it could not get damaged. This meant my immaculate phone arrived at m&c recycle immaculate. I then received my bank transfer for the full price offered. I am very happy to have dealt with m&c and will do so again.
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