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Selling your Samsung Galaxy S6

When the Samsung Galaxy S7 came onto the market in 2016, many users chose to trade in the Galaxy S6 models, to upgrade to the latest device. This type of transaction is becoming increasingly popular as constant technological improvements encourage consumers to follow the evolution of mobile phone products. If you are considering upgrading your Galaxy S6 to the latest model, you are likely to evaluate the cost implications of doing so. Alternatively, you might be considering selling your phone to raise income quickly. Or, your phone might simply be an unwanted gift. Whatever your reason for wanting to get a price for your device, OnRecycle are available to help you make the decision that is right for you.

About OnRecycle

OnRecycle provide a search comparison tool, for users to investigate how much they can receive for their mobile phone. Working with the major recyclers, OnRecycle gives users a list of potential buyers, in addition to the sum of money that they are willing to pay. The search tool asks users to input the detail of their phone, which network it is registered with (or if it is unlocked), and the version of the phone in terms of memory. For the Galaxy S7, versions available for selection are the 32, 64 and 128gb models.

Although many users think that broken devices are worthless, this is not always the case. OnRecycle provide options for users to get prices for 'new,' 'working' and 'broken' phones. This provides them with an accurate cost for their unwanted device, regardless of its age or status. The service, therefore, places the user at the centre of the experience, enabling them to tailor the search to suit their circumstances. OnRecycle take the hassle out of selling, whilst ensuring that sellers receive the best possible price for them.

After this data has been entered, OnRecycle provides a list of recyclers, and the prices that they are willing to pay. Furthermore, the search returns the payment terms and ratings for each recycler. It is important that this is looked at, to ensure you choose the best recycler for your requirements. Although it can be very tempting to agree a price from the company giving you the most money, other questions should be asked, such as 'how quickly do I need the money?' and 'is this a genuine company that I can trust?' Reading the reviews written by consumers in similar positions to you, enables you to feel confident that you are doing business with the right people.

The Samsung Galaxy S6

Released in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy has retained its popularity to date, due to the impressive features it contains. The 5.10 inch screen allows users to view images and read messages (and other text) on a large display. The 1440 x 2560 pixels that the screen boasts, was an improvement on the 2014 S5 model, improving the picture quality dramatically. As such, Samsung did not feel the need to improve the resolution further when they released the S7 in 2016. The 1.5 GHz octa-core Samsung Exymos 7420 processor gives the phone a fast response to searching the internet and the 3MB ram allows programs to operate more efficiently, producing a good user experience.

The phone is available in 32gb, 64gb and 128gb versions, enabling users to choose the device that suits their requirements. Storage of large quantities of videos, ebooks, music and photographs is therefore possible, along with emails and documents. Whereas the Samsung S5 included a memory card facility (for the micro SD card), the S6 version did not have this facility, showing Samsung's preference for users who require bigger amounts of storage, to keep everything on the phone.

The rear camera has a 16 mega pixel resolution, displaying photographs in a high quality. The large screen and resolution enables an impressive display of one's photograph collection. In addition, the S6 also has a 5 mega pixel front shooter, so that 'selfies' are also produced to a high resolution.

The appearance of the S6 is attractive. A long, narrow phone consisting of dimensions of 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8mm weighs only 138 grams. This is a lighter device than the S5, making it easier to carry and operate when being held. The phone's metal body has an attractive look, displaying a shiny, modern device.

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