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The HTC brand has put its name to some of the best mobile handsets on the market since it was formed in 1997. Their latest selection of smartphones is found within the 'HTC One' range, initially with the 'HTC One' (also M7) back in 2013, and the 'HTC One A9' being their most recent release in 2016. The phones have a touchscreen and can run through either Windows or Android operating systems.

Each device released by HTC has been competitive within the mobile phone market, however, their sales have never reached the figures that manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have. There are likely to be a range of reasons for this (marketing - for example), but it has meant that other devices such as the iPhone and Galaxy have greater sales figures.

In today's highly competitive mobile phone marketplace, older models are constantly replaced due to ongoing developments in technology. The original M7, for example, has already been superseded by products such as the M8, M9 and A9. When newer models come out, buyers are quick to trade in their old device for cash, or simply splash out for the latest model - storing their older device somewhere around the house. If this sounds familiar and you have an older M7 that you wish to cash in on, OnRecycle are here to help.

Who We Are

We work with some of the biggest mobile phone recyclers in the world to give you a platform on which to sell your unwanted phones, such as the HTC One M7. We understand what it's like to feel left out or have old-fashioned technology, even if that technology is just 4 years old! We provide genuine solutions for customers who want to upgrade to the latest device, but just can't afford to do so.

How We Work

Our system is incredibly easy to use, which is why our customers enjoy selling through OnRecycle. We have created a price comparison website which returns a long list of quotations almost instantly. After taking a few initial details from you, we have enough information to be able to show you an accurate price for the smartphone you have. In a matter of seconds, you will be given an idea of how much buyers will pay for your phone - allowing you to make a decision on how you will proceed.

Our System

On our website, you will notice that each page has a search bar at the top. Simply enter the device you have (in this case the HTC One M7), and a dropdown menu will immediately appear. Select the HTC One M7 from that dropdown and you will be transferred to another screen where we can collect the remaining information that we need from you.

We need to know the condition of the phone (be honest about whether it is new, working or broken) as this will allow us to build an accurate perspective of how your phone appears to potential buyers. We also need to know the version of the One M7 that you are selling (in terms of storage size), and which network it is locked with (if any). Once these details have been entered you can sit back, relax, and view the list of recyclers who are bidding for your smartphone.

Selling Your Phone

Once you have reviewed the list of recyclers, you are ready to make a decision about who you sell to. Remember that during this part of the process, you are not under any obligation to sell your phone, so try to take your time when making your choice. You may want to know what the seller's reputation is like? Perhaps you are only interested in selling your 'One Mate M7' to the buyer offering you the most cash? Additionally, if cash is required urgently, the seller who pays the quickest could be one you are most interested in?

Whatever your circumstances and priorities, our system has been cleverly designed to address your needs. There are a range of ways that you can sort the data, to help you find the one most suited to your requirements, quickly and easily. There are links to reviews, and our recommended recyclers appear at the top - we have made it easy for you to sell without hassle.

Once you decide on a buyer and sell your phone, you are free to enjoy the cash that you have received! If you are after a new smartphone, you will be interested in comparing potential purchases against the HTC One M7. Here is our brief review:

HTC One M7

In 2013, HTC released their first smartphone in the 'One' range. The M7 was a state-of-the-art phone, with a screen measuring 4.7 inches. The screen's full HD 1080p resolution was one of the best on the market at the time, and the phone's sound system also impressed as it had dual front-facing stereo speakers.

As with all of the HTC One devices, it has a touchscreen design. The phone is available in black, silver, red, blue and gold. It is an attractive device with an aluminium frame. Weighing just 143g, it is comfortable to carry and use.

The phone has an 'UltraPixel camera' with a customer sensor image function. The phone is also capable of producing 'media montages' which are impressive when viewed on the HD display. In terms of storage, the device is available to buy (or sell!) both as a 32 GB and 64 GB model, giving users plenty of space to store their collections of photos. It also has 2GB of RAM.

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