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Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft is an American multinational technology company whose headquarters are in Redmond, Washington. The organisation is mostly famous for its performance in the computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and services industries, but it also has history in the mobile smartphone market. When Microsoft acquired Nokia, they set up a new branch: Microsoft Mobile.

Microsoft is largely associated with software such as Microsoft Office, and web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Edge. Elsewhere, they are the designers and manufacturers of the Xbox gaming console, and more recently, have competed in the smartwatch industry. In 2014, Microsoft announced its intention to launch the Microsoft Band: a Smartwatch and activity-tracker. The 'Microsoft Band 2' was launched in 2015.

Owners of the original Microsoft Band may well be interested in hearing how they can upgrade to newer smartwatches, either made by Microsoft or another manufacturer. In today's ever-evolving technological world, products become outdated almost as soon as they are purchased! If you are worried that you are unable to afford the latest smartwatch, OnRecycle can help. We help consumers find potential buyers for their existing devices, giving them the cash to afford a new model.

What We Do

OnRecycle have spent years creating and maintaining effective working relationships with some of the world's largest recyclers. We know how frustrating (and time-consuming) it can be to shop around the internet's long list of recyclers, so we have created a price-comparison system that performs that tedious task for you. Not only will we find potential buyers for your Microsoft Band, but - due to the number of recyclers competing for your Microsoft Band - we are also sure that they will pay a fantastic price! Even if you are only after a quotation at this stage, OnRecycle can give you the quotations that you are after - free of charge, and leaving you under no obligation to buy.

The OnRecycle System

When you are ready to receive quotations for your Microsoft Band, log on to our website and, within minutes, you will have all the data you need to make a decision on whether or not you wish to sell. Simply type the text 'Microsoft Band' into the search bar at the top of the screen, and a list of relevant products will appear via a dropdown list. Click on the image that is relevant, and you will be transferred to a new screen.

At this stage, we need to know the condition of your Microsoft Band before we provide you with the data you need. Rest assured that even if your Microsoft Band is broken, there are still recyclers willing to offer you a fantastic price.

Once we know the band's condition, the list of recyclers will update and you are ready to start searching for the most suitable recycler for you. When doing so, we suggest that you consider a range of factors. It is likely that price will be one of the key factors in who you decide to sell to. By clicking on the arrows next to the 'price' column, you can rearrange the data so that the recycler offering you the best price appears at the top of the list.

Other factors you may wish to consider include the speed of payment, and the method by which payment will be made. You can rearrange the data in accordance with the recycler who will pay you the most money, simply by clicking on the arrows next to the 'period' column (underneath the 'payment' heading). Next to this information will be the method by which you will receive the payment.

Another factor that we urge customers to consider is the recycler's reputation. You will notice a 'user rating' column towards the end of the line. Click on this to rearrange the data so that the recycler who has the best star rating is at the top of the list. Furthermore, we suggest that you take the time to read the reviews left by customers who have been in a position to you, as this will help you get a feel for the recycler you are doing business with. Click on the 'view reviews' to do this.

Once you are satisfied that your choice of recycler is the best one for you, you are ready to sell your Microsoft Band. Click on the 'sell now' button (towards the end of the row) and you will be guided through the remainder of the sales process. If you are given the option, we suggest that you sell your Microsoft Band through OnRecycle: by doing so, you can take advantage of our expert advice and guidance and have the benefit of a safe and secure payment system.

When you have received the cash, you can start planning your next purchase! Smartwatches are relatively new on the market, but even so, there are a range of manufacturers competing to sell you the models they have produced. This puts you, as a consumer, in a fantastic position - as prices are lowered to remain competitive. If you wish to purchase another Microsoft Band, or want to change manufacturer, it could be worth comparing potential purchases with the Microsoft Band you have just sold. Here is our brief review of it:

Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band was launched in 2014. It has similar features to a Smartwatch, (e.g. text, email and call notification functionality) and also has fitness-tracker and health oriented capabilities. The Microsoft Band integrates with Windows phones as well as iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth connectivity.

When responding to text messages, the Band enables you to reply via 'Cortana' which can also be used to ask simple questions (e.g. the date of Christmas and what the weather is like). The battery has up to 48 hours of normal use, and the design is also waterproof which helps for many fitness activities. Naturally, the Microsoft Band also has a 'watch mode' displaying the time and date.

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