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Bestselling Phones of All Time

Bestselling Phones of All Time

So after looking forward to the coming year and the predicted smartphone rankings, here at OnRecycle we thought we’d reminisce (and chuckle) a bit by looking back over the top ten bestselling phones of all time. Prepare yourself for misty memories of snake and tear-jerking, ear-piercing ring-tones. Here goes:

Numero 10: Nokia 6010, released in 2004 sold 75million units

Numero 9: Nokia 1208, sold 100million units in 2007

Numero 8: In 2006 the Nokia 1600 sold 130million times over

Numero 7: Motorola RAZR V3 (hang on a minute) sold more than 130million units in 2004

Numero 6: Nokia 2600, 2004, 135million units sold

Numero 5: The millenium's Nokia 3310 sold 136million times

Numero 4: Nokia's 5230 sold 150million times in 2010

Numero 3: Nokia 2100 from 2007 sold slightly more than 150million handsets

Numero 2: 1999's Nokia 3210, 160million handsets sold

Winner: (Surprise, surprise!) Nokia's 1110, 2005, a whopping 250million units sold!

Wow - there's one very clear winner here, right!? Good old Nokia. There's not an Apple or a Samsung to be seen - how very refreshing! And to put these Nokia victories into perspective, 2011's iPhone 4S only came in at numero 12, selling 60million units, while Samsung's Galaxy SII & III only pipped 17th and 18th place with a pathetic 40million units each (the rest were pretty much just more Nokia's with a few Motorola's thrown in for good measure).

What does this tell us? The people love Nokia! So, get to it our favourite Finnish firm so we can wave goodbye to Apple and Samsung dominance and helloo to Nokia brilliance once more.

If you still happen to have one (or two) of these stowed away in some darkened drawer somewhere (I know you do) then don't forget to recycle it/ them here with us at OnRecycle. I know they're pretty on the outside (meh - they were at the time) but on the inside they're harbouring some rather nasty toxic substances. If you chuck them in the rubbish bin, they will end up on a landfill site and will pollute our beautiful mother earth. You can prevent this from happening; all you have to do is recycle your once loved handset; after all the old gal deserves no less. You could earn yourself a couple of quid while you're at it and you wouldn't walk past that on the street, would you? And let's have three cheers for Nokia while we're at it; hip-hip-horraay! So get on up and sell your phone.