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In recent decades, the mobile phone marketplace has become one of the most competitive in the world, as a range of brands have fought for the number one spot. As a consumer, this is an extremely positive thing - many companies fight to produce the best possible products at the most competitive prices. As a result, we are given the most up-to-date products at a relatively low price, as top brands have had to lower their profit margins to offer consumers a good deal.

Due to the developments and technological innovations that mobile phones bring, consumers regularly upgrade their phone to keep up-to-date and to fulfil new desires. OnRecycle recognises that not everyone can afford to splash out on the latest device each time it is released. This is why we offer a plausible option, enabling you to keep purchasing the latest devices that suit you.

What We Do

OnRecycle work closely with a range of online recyclers, to give you access to those who want to buy your handset from you. Having sold the device, you are then free (with cash in hand), to spend money on the latest handset - or the one that you have been eying up for some time! The variety of brands and models that are available to purchase means that even if you do not currently own a handset that suits you, we will get you a price for it - allowing you to afford one that does. Despite what everyone tells you, not every model will suit every person. Your requirements may be completely different from your friend's or members of your family.

How It Works

Just like many online comparison websites, we give you instant access to most of the top recyclers that trade around the world. When you arrive on our website, you will notice a search bar at the top of the page. Simply enter your current device into that search bar and the screen will return a list of phones that match your text. Click on your phone from the options that appear, and you will be transferred to another screen to enter more details.

At this stage, you need to tell us what the condition of your phone is like. Rest assured that even if the phone does not work, you will still be given a price for what you have. After clicking on the relevant condition, we then need to know the type of model you have, in terms of the memory size. Then, you can sit back and watch as recyclers compete to buy your phone!

As the list of buyers appears, you will notice that our recommended buyers appear at the top. Against each recycler, you are able to read some reviews left by like-minded customers, enabling you to check that you are selling with a reputable recycler.

If receiving the most money is your top priority, you can adjust the search to reflect this. The payment method and speed of payment are also displayed on this page, for your information.

When you are ready, simply click on the 'sell now' button and follow further instructions to sell your phone and receive payment. Having done so, you are now ready to choose a new phone! Although there are many brands to choose from, here are some of the most popular ones that we deal with:


The Apple iPhone has become the most popular smartphone on the market. The first version was released in 2007, and the latest model (iPhone 7) came out in 2016. The iPhone is a sleek, easy to use device which comes with a range of features, the most notable of which include a multi-touch screen, videos, photos, music, email, internet browsing, text messaging, GPS, games and other applications. Models released since the 4S (in 2011) have featured the interactive personal assistant 'Siri' whom you can communicate with verbally to answers any questions you have.


Apple's closest competitor on the mobile phone market is Samsung. Founded in 1958, Samsung has a rich history and has associated its trading history with industries such as food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail, in addition to the electronics that it is arguably most famous for. The Samsung 'Galaxy' smartphone was first released in 2010. Some of its more popular versions, including the 'S6' have sold millions - the S6 itself sold over 40 million handsets! The range of features are very similar to those mentioned from the Apple range, but it is worth noting that the 'Note' models also feature Stylus pens which make operation fun as users can 'write' on the screen.


LG is a company based in South Korea, having its headquarters in Seoul. The company is famous for electronics and chemicals, in addition to the mobile phones that it manufactures and sells. The LG brand was founded back in 1947, but its smartphones were not launched until 2002 when the B1200 came onto the market. In other areas, LG has sponsored the British football teams Manchester City and Swansea City.


Founded in 1997, this Taiwanese firm specialise in electronics - initially notebook computers. In 2002, they were credited with producing the first Microsoft-powered smartphone and before this in 2000, they were also producers of one of the world's first touchscreen smartphones. They were also credited with producing the first Android smartphone.


For many years, Blackberry was considered amongst the most prominent smartphone vendors in the world. They released their first phone back in 1999 (the 850) and the device was predicted to revolutionise how the business and politics sectors were to function. Before this, they were also manufacturers of pagers - the first of which was produced in 1996. In September 2013, Blackberry had 85 million subscribers in the world, but by 2016, this had reduced substantially - reflecting the rapidly-changing mobile phone market.


This huge organisation needs very little introduction! Founded in 1975, the company has been involved with a large range of electronic products such as the 'Microsoft Office' software, various operating systems and, of course, the Xbox games console. When considering mobile phones, many people do not necessarily think of Microsoft, however they did acquire 'Nokia' in 2012 and this encouraged them to form 'Microsoft Mobile.' In 2014, they were also manufacturers of the 'Lumia' device.