Sell Your iPod for Cash

The original Apple iPod was released in 2001. Within the 16 years that they have been produced, there have been an incredible 25 versions manufactured across the 5 named models known as 'Classic', 'Mini', 'Nano', 'Shuffle' and 'Touch'.

Here at OnRecycle, we understand the need for consumers to constantly update their collection of gadgets with the latest devices. Apple consistently produce new, updated versions of the iPod - in line with technological developments and consumer demand. We like to ensure that all of our customers are able to fulfil their desires by purchasing the device to meet their current needs.

If you have an iPod and are looking to cash it in for either a newer model, or an alternative device, you need look no further than OnRecycle. We know how easy it can be to build a collection of gadgets that are no longer being used, or can be upgraded for newer types. That is why we have constructed our website - giving you the opportunity to make decisions based on accurate information.

What We Do

OnRecycle have teamed up with the biggest recyclers of gadgets known on the market today. Our ability to form solid and effective working relationships with these recyclers means that we have done all of the hard work for you. Our service is easy to use, and operates in a similar way to many of the online comparison websites operating on the internet today. To get a quote for your iPod, all you need to do is enter the details of the iPod that you have, and our system does the rest. What could be simpler?

We Work For You

When you have made the difficult decision to part with your iPod, it can be confusing to know what the best way of selling your gadget is. You will no doubt receive 'advice' from a range of people - from family members to friends and other people who claim to know the best thing for you. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the advice you receive is coming from someone who is an expert at dealing with iPod recycling on a daily basis. This is where OnRecycle come in.

We deal with recyclers on a daily basis, and work to get you the best possible price with minimum hassle. Our website gives you a range of prices (which can be filtered to go from the most to the least) so that you can quickly and easily find a buyer that suits your requirements. You'll receive a price, the name of the recycler, and a quick link to a set of reviews. This enables you to check the recycler before you make your decision.

What You Do

After you've searched for the version of iPod that you wish to sell, a list of products appears, each with a photo next to it. Simply click on the model that matches your iPod and you will be transferred onto a new page. You can then enter the condition of your iPod (even broken ones receive cash), and the size of the model that you own. Check the right boxes, and a list of potential buyers appears below.

When you have found the right buyer for you, you are ready to sell. You can either choose to sell directly with the recycler, or (most of the time), come through OnRecycle's secure payment process (doing so will ensure that you are able to access full support throughout the selling process). The selling process has never been easier! Now that you have arranged a sale, you are free to look at some of the latest iPod models, some of which are discussed below.

iPod Classic - 3rd Generation

This iPod was the first to feature an all-touch interface, and was available in sizes ranging from 10 to 40 GB. The case was slimmer from its 1st and 2nd generation predecessors, and when it was updated in 2003, it was able to link with iTunes 4.1 for Windows (switching from Musicmatch). The model was the first to feature a complete re-design from previous versions, and was also able to link with docking stations.

iPod Classic - 6th Generation

Fast forward 4 years and the 6th generation iPod classic was released with a stack of improvements and upgrades. The 6th generation had a capability for 160 GB storage, and had much-improved audio settings. It even featured a video function! The 6th generation classic had a stylish appearance, with an aluminium front plate and a silver colourway.

iPod Nano - 4th Generation

This iPod was released in 2008 and was available to buy with 4, 8 or 16GB of memory. It had a tall, sleek, aluminium design and was available to buy in an impressive 9 colours!

iPod Nano - 5th Generation

One year later, Apple launched the next generation of iPod Nano, and this one was the first to incorporate a video function within its spec. The screen was also larger than previous models, and it had some extra functions such as a pedometer and an FM radio.

iPod Nano - 6th Generation

In 2010, Apple continued its trend of releasing an iPod Nano a year, with the release of its newly-designed 6th generation Nano. The device was the first to feature a multi-touch screen, and due to its unique size and style, it also had a clip on the back - the same as the one used on the iPod Shuffle.

iPod Touch - 1st Generation

The iPod Touch was released in 2007, featuring Wi-fi and a multi-touch interface screen. Users were able to access YouTube and Safari, and had direct access to the iTunes Store.

iPod Touch - 2nd Generation

A year later and the 2nd generation iPod Touch was released with a new tapered chrome back and a built-in speaker.

iPod Touch - 3rd Generation

In 2009, the 3rd generation 'Touch' was released in both 32 and 64 GB models. The most noticeable addition to this version was the voice control support that it featured.

iPod Touch - 4th Generation

Apple chose to launch this version with 8, 16, 32 and 64GB models. The design was thinner than previous models, and contained 2 cameras to allow for Facetime and HD recording.

iPod Touch - 5th Generation

Apple decided to wait two years for the 5th generation model to be launched (in 2012) and this version had an aluminium design, an improved camera (A5 processor), a 4 inch display and the use of Siri personal assistant.