Sell Your Broken iPhone for Cash

Whoops! Have you broken your iPhone? Well don't fear. Damaged, faulty and broken iPhones are still worth money to recycling companies. Get the most cash for your broken iPhone with OnRecycle. We actively search or the best deals, to offer the most money for your broken iPhone.

Selling a broken iPhone has never been easier than with us because it's a hassle-free service. All recyclers that we work with will collect your broken iPhone free of charge and pay you very quickly. Some recyclers even pay on the same day that they get your broken iPhone.

Why sell my broken iPhone with OnRecycle? How do I choose the best deal?

We get many questions sent to us by customers and to make it easier for you, we have listed a few important ones here in order to make the process of selling your broken iPhone as easy as possible:

Why should I sell my broken iPhone with OnRecycle?

This one is simple. We compare more recyclers than anyone else in the market, so we can guarantee that OnRecycle will have the best prices in the market to offer you when you sell your broken iPhone. Simple as that!

Which recyclers should I sell my faulty iPhone to?

We try to help you to make the right choice. Firstly we compare all prices that are being offered by recyclers trying to purchase your iPhone, also comparing customer reviews and payment timescales. This means that you can make an informed decision about where to sell your faulty iPhone, whether it is broken, non-working, damaged or any condition that it might be in.

Selling my iPhone was a difficult decision, but how do you choose your recyclers?

OnRecycle has partnered with specialist recyclers who can offer the most money for your broken iPhone. You will get more money for selling a broken iPhone when you use OnRecycle than you will anywhere else online - guaranteed! We are very selective about who we work with and we let our customer review dictate the value of each recycler.

A key selling point with OnRecycle is that you won't be quoted a price and marked down later for scuffs and scrapes on your broken iPhone, because we have a "broken price" which is based on a price for a damaged, non-working or broken iPhone.

Why do customers have to say about OnRecycle and selling broken iPhones?

  • 1 I sold my broken iPhone 5C to a recycler I found in OnRecycle. I was very happy. I spent over an hour in Google searching "where to sell my broken iPhone", trying all the different recyclers that I could. This was a nightmare as each recycler has different reviews and offerings. I gave up and then found OnRecycle, who did all of the hard work for me. Thank you! - L Martina
  • 2 I wanted to sell my broken iPhone, so I placed an order with Envirofone to sell my iPhone, but then later I found OnRecycle. They had prices on their site that were way above those of Envirofone which I was really surprised about, because everyone knows Envirofone! So I changed by mind and sold to them instead! I was very happy to get over £50 more. - D Christopher
  • 3 I sold my broken iPhone 6 through OnRecycle. A nightmare situation as I didn't have insurance and the phone was new. I was really happy that OnRecycle helped to me to get the most money for selling my broken iPhone. I was surprised that it was still a high value, being broken! I used the money to get a new iPhone, but insured it this time! Thanks though! - S Hallam

We care very much about the service we offer. If you want to sell your broken iPhone, don't hesitate in using OnRecycle. We will get you the most money when you sell broken iPhone devices through us.

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