Sell Your Google Phone

For four consecutive years, Google were known as the 2nd most valuable brand in the world. The multinational company are associated with a wide range of technological and internet industries, including search, cloud computing, hardware, software and advertising. Founded in 1996 by two students at Stanford University in California - Larry Page and Sergey Brin could not have dreamed that their venture would go on to become as big as it has.

One of the niches where Google are less familiar, is in mobiles. Their Pixel smartphone, launched in 2016 is praised for its camera functions. Google also puts its name to the Nexus brand of smartphones - though they do not directly manufacture these products. In today's mobile phone market, which provides - arguably - the widest choice for users of any electrical device, it is confusing to know which model to buy, especially when so many large companies put their names to mobile phones. Due to the heavy competition, we strongly believe that there is a mobile phone perfectly suited to every taste.

Finding this 'perfect' phone can be problematic, but that is where OnRecycle can help. After you have chosen your Google Pixel or Nexus phone, you may like it for a while but then decide that you are more suited to another brand. Having spent money on your Google phone, you don't want to splash out on another new one.

Unless, that is, you can sell your Google phone for a great price. OnRecycle trade with you in mind - we place you in the mobile phone selling market by giving you a list of fantastic quotations for your Google phone. We have spent years building relationships with some of the world's largest mobile phone recyclers, and this has helped us to create a database that acts as the perfect price comparison service for mobile phone selling. Although the data behind the service is complex - your job isn't. Here is how it works.

How The System Works

Perhaps you are adamant that you wish to sell your Google phone. Maybe you are just weighing up options at this stage. Whatever your starting position, OnRecycle's price comparison service can help. Simply enter the name of your Google handset into the search bar at the top of the screen, and the system will bring up a list of Google phones that relate to the data you have entered. As Google have not released a huge number of mobile phones, there will not be a massive range for you to choose from, enabling you to find your phone quickly and easily.

Once you have located your device, you are now ready to begin the next step of the process. In order for us to get you the most accurate quotations, we need to know the Google phone's version (in terms of storage size) and the condition that the handset is in. Even if the phone is broken, there will still be a queue of recyclers willing to pay good money for it - so honesty at this stage will save you a good deal of stress later in the process!

Now comes the fun part. Almost instantly you will have noticed that a list of recyclers has appeared underneath the search criteria. These are the people who OnRecycle have matched you with and are happy to buy your Google phone from you! You can, of course, filter this list to suit your needs. If you are only interested in getting a high price, regardless of the recycler, sort the data by clicking on the 'price' field. If, however (and we strongly recommend considering this option), you want to learn a little more about the recycler, sort the data by the 'user rating' field and you can then see the buyers who other sellers (in a similar position to you) have used. You can also go on to read some reviews - to reassure you that you are dealing with a reputable company.

Once you have made a decision to sell your phone, you are now free to complete the sales process. Click on the 'sell now' button to follow a series of steps that guide you through the remainder of your journey. If you get the option, we recommend that you sell through OnRecycle - to benefit from our expert advice and secure payment system.

Having sold your phone, you may want to consider the next handset you wish to purchase. If you want to remain with Google, here are some of the smartphones they have to offer: