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Have you just replaced your iPad? Or are you looking to downsize your collection of gadgets? If so, you're in luck. Here at OnRecycle we compare a wide range of prices from different recyclers, allowing us to give you the best prices for your iPad. Not only do you get the best possible price, it's so simple to do: Find your iPad, choose a recycler and complete your transaction on their website.

OnRecycle has the best prices when you are searching to "sell my iPad". Selling your iPad is so easy with OnRecycle; Browse for your exact iPad model below using our search filters, and simply click on your exact iPad model to see the best prices when you sell your iPad. Our "Sell My iPad" service is second-to-none and enables you to get the most money for your iPad.

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Selling an iPad is easy with OnRecycle. We compare all prices for iPads of working, new or broken condition. You can see all prices above for all three conditions, or search for your exact iPad model to see more information. We make selling an iPad a doddle. Sell your iPad with OnRecycle.

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Selling your iPad couldn't be quicker than with OnRecycle. We have every model of iPad, so once you have found yours, we make selling your iPad a very easy process. Get the most cash for your iPad by comparing all iPad recycle companies on one page. When you've warmed to a deal, click "sell my iPad" and you'll be sent straight to the recycler to complete the sale.

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Speed is very important to OnRecycle. We record that most of our customers care about getting paid quickly. We compare how long each iPad recycler takes to give you the cash for your iPad, so that you can make the right decision of who to sell to. This is just one of our metrics that we provide you with to make the right decision. Sell your iPad now!

The range of products released by Apple since they were founded in 1976 includes smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, hardware and software. They have become one of the most popular designers and manufacturers of mobile telecommunications in the world. Each year, the latest product they are due to launch is awaited eagerly by a devout fan base, who believe in the company to produce highly technical and 'quality' items, no matter what the product is. Such is the rate at which technology evolves, it seems to have become commonplace for Apple to release at least one product per year, complete with the latest technology and functions.

Due to the rate at which devices are released, tablets such as the Apple iPad lose value almost immediately. The iPad was released just 7 years ago, but there are already a number of upgraded models with the iPad Pro 2 (2017) set to be released later this year. Keeping up with this range of Apple products can be expensive, but if finance is an issue, there is a solution.

OnRecycle have worked with some of the world's biggest online recyclers for years - forming and maintaining effective relationships. We want our customers to take full advantage of this, so we've designed a system that places you at the centre of the selling process. OnRecycle works in the same way as many other price comparison websites, and gets you the information you desire in a matter of minutes. It is so easy to use, that even the most non-technical of users enjoy finding quotations quickly!

The OnRecycle System

When you arrive on our site, simply type the name of your device (e.g. Apple iPad) into one of the search boxes that appear on top of each page. A list of relevant products will appear via a dropdown list - select the product that best fits your Apple iPad and you will be taken to a new screen.

This screen will give you some extra details to complete. These are needed in order for us to match you with the best recycler to suit your Apple iPad - one who will offer you a fantastic price, regardless of the iPad's version and condition. Complete the details honestly (you can still get an amazing price for broken iPads) and tell us the device's version so that we can return a list of accurate quotations. Having done so, you are ready to move on.

When the screen refreshes, the list of recyclers you see are the ones who are keen to buy your Apple iPad from you. This means that you can now go ahead and choose the recycler that best suits your purpose. Although it can be tempting to sell to the recycler who offers you the most money, we recommend that you consider a couple of other factors too.

One of these concerns the reputability of the recycler you are selling to. We have designed the system so that you can see how the recyclers have been rated by other users, in the form the 'user rating' field. The more stars, the fewer the number of complaints the recycler has received. You may also notice the link next to the user rating field which allows you to 'view reviews.' Clicking on this link will allow you to get a more in-depth feel for what your experience with each recycler will be like.

Other factors to consider include the price, (naturally!) but also the way in which payment will be made. If you are after a quick sale, pay close attention to the 'payment period' column, to check how soon you will receive the cash. The 'payment method' column also tells you how payment will be made; you probably won't want to be waiting for a cheque to arrive and then clear!

When you are happy with your decision, click on the 'sell now' button (at the end of the row next to your recycler's data) and the system will guide you through the rest of the sales process. If offered, we suggest that you choose to sell through OnRecycle, so that you can be guaranteed to use a secure payment system whilst benefitting from our expert advice and guidance if required.

Once you have sold your Apple iPad, you are ready to go shopping for your next tablet device! Read our review of the Apple iPad, so that you have something to compare future purchases with.

Apple iPad 1 (Wi-Fi)

The original iPad with Wi-Fi was released in 2010. Its dimensions are 242.8 x 189.7 x 13.4mm - a size which still feels comfortable to use and easy to transport. Since this iPad was released however, many of the newer models have slimmed down somewhat, so if you are used to using newer models, operating the original iPad may feel slightly strange!

The screen has a display size of 9.7-inches and a resolution of 768 x 1024. This, for 2010, was quite a high spec and the iPad can still be used to surf the internet, watch videos and play games without feeling outdated. The screen is supported by an LED backlit IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen function and has scratch-resistant glass, so it still has a modern feel about it and, like many Apple products, is extremely user-friendly.

The iPad operates from the iOS 4 operating system when purchased, though this is upgradeable to 5.1.1. Of course, Apple has since released much newer updates and therefore the Apps and other functions are limited on the iPad 1, as a result of this. It is best used for simple web browsing and its other features.

The iPad is capable of playing MP3 and MP4 files, and also has a document viewer. The iPad 1 can only be purchased in silver.