Sell Your GoPro Gadget for Cash

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The GoPro brand relates to a company founded by Nick Woodman in 2002. The organisation specialises in manufacturing and selling action cameras, and the accessories that go with them. In 2012 - due to the value of the company - announcements were made that Nick Woodman was a billionaire.

Since the first GoPro device was released in 2005 (the 35 mm Hero wrist camera), the brand has released 5 different types of camera - ranging from the original 'Hero' to the 'Hero 5' which was released in 2016. During that year, GoPro also launched a 'Karma drone' which enabled users to record footage from a range of heights and locations, as the drone is remote controlled and can therefore be operated from the ground.

How Can I Get One?

OnRecycle are here to help with all of your gadget desires. If you have an older GoPro and wish to upgrade to a new one, we can get you a fantastic price for your current camera, even if it is worn or broken. We work with major recyclers to provide you with the best deal for your GoPro - enabling you to shop for the latest (or most affordable) model, knowing that you won't have to fork out the full price for doing so.

Alternatively, you might want to know how you can get your hands on a GoPro camera for the cheapest possible price. Have you unwittingly begun a collection of old mobile phones that you no longer use? If so, OnRecycle are - once more - here to help. We will get you a price for the mobile phones that you have (even if they are no longer working), so that you can sit back and choose who you wish to sell your phone to. There is no catch - we act as the middle men, giving you direct access to the people who will give you cash for your goods without taking a commission payment from you.

How Do I Sell Through OnRecycle?

Our website is designed with the user in mind, which is why getting a quote for your gadget or mobile phone is incredibly easy. Simply log on to our site, type in the details of the item you wish to sell in the search bar at the top and the system provides you with a list of products that relate to your search. Click on the item that matches what you are selling, and you are transferred to a new screen. Here you can choose the condition of the item and the size (e.g. storage size), so that the most accurate price is returned for you. Within seconds, you are shown a price that a potential buyer is willing to pay, helping you to make the decision of whether or not you wish to sell.

At this stage we have not taken any personal details from you, and you are under no obligation to go ahead with a deal. Unlike other price comparison websites, we will not constantly contact you, or aggressively sell products to you - it is not in our nature.

Find the right buyer for you (take care to check that the recycler is trustworthy) and you are then free to carry out your sale either directly through them, or through the OnRecycle payment system. That's all there is to it!

The GoPro camera is a stylish, portable device which is capable of capturing some of the most memorable days you will ever have. Trade in any unwanted products through OnRecycle, and you could be arranging to purchase one today!

Why Is The GoPro So Popular?

The GoPro has become a 'must-have' gadget for camera enthusiasts all around the world. The camera was (and continues to be) designed for use on-the-go and this has enabled it to capture some stunning action shots. The camera is both waterproof and shock proof, making it extremely durable. It has been used in many different contexts, and there are - no doubt - many more that have not yet been thought up.

It's the flexibility of the GoPro that makes it so unique. The capabilities and types of scenarios in which it can be used are only limited by the user, and sometimes goes beyond that. One example, is that whilst travelling, a user had his GoPro camera stolen by a grizzly bear! The bear took the camera away and operated it before the traveller finally managed to retrieve it. Everything was recorded, and the footage produced some very interesting results.

Other people have used the camera at weddings and even to film skiing and snorkelling activities, recording underwater shots and videos at will. Some football teams use the GoPro camera to capture footage, and after teaming up with Periscope, live footage can be found at some games. Due to the camera's durability, it can be placed in 'burst mode' and thrown up in the air, recording footage on its way down.

The camera is Wi-Fi enabled, which means that photos and videos can be instantly transferred via social media and email. Alternatively, GoPro has its own channel, enabling users to upload their videos and compete for the 'video of the day.' Alongside this is the 'GoPro Studio' editing software and GoPro app which make the low light and time lapse features easy to use.

Coupling its ease of use with its high-quality camera, the GoPro is appealing for a wide range of users. From experts to beginners (or even grizzly bears!), the GoPro is a highly accessible choice that boasts a straightforward user experience. The range of prices also makes the GoPro affordable and appealing to a variety of budgets, depending on the age of the model.

OnRecycle understand how it must feel to be left behind with an old GoPro camera - and we also understand that unused gadgets (such as the GoPro itself) can collect dust whilst they are still valuable. Why not take a look at how much you could receive for your camera, and potentially cash in on its value while you still have the chance?