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We make it so easy to sell your tablet device with OnRecycle, but it doesn't have to be working tablets, we also can get you lots of money for your broken tablets too! Just because you have a crack, faults or damage - your tablet will still have a value and we will help to get you the best price for it.

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You're promising the best price for my tablet?

Yes we are! That's because we scout the whole market to bring you the best offers for your tablet, comparing so many online recyclers to give you the best that the market has to offer, not just with the price but also with customer feedback and other information. We bring you everything that you need to make the right choice of who to sell your tablet too.

Speedy Tablet Recycling

We've timed how long it takes to use OnRecycle. Our average customer is in and out within 3 minutes. That's 3 minutes to find the tablet that they wish to sell, compare all prices on offer and make a selection. Our service is so efficient and speedy, that our customers forget who we are in a matter of minutes, while completing a sale with a tablet recycling company. Try it; search for your tablet, compare all tablet prices, choose your recycler and... wait, who are we again?

Do you offer prices for all tablet makes?

We focus on major brands such as Apple and Samsung, so we don't offer prices for every tablet in the market, but we do compare tablet prices from a huge range of major brands. The quickest way to check is to use our search and see if you can find your exact model. Obviously, iPad, Galaxy Note an Xperia Z, are all listed.

Unbeknown to many, tablet devices have been on the market for years. As long ago as 1989, the Gridpad 1989 was built by GRID Systems Corporation, and in 1993, Apple released the Apple Newton Messagepad which was known as a personal digital assistant (PDA). It even had 640K of RAM and a pixel rating of 336 x 240! Films such as 'Star Trek' and 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' have helped deliver the concept of tablet devices, and they can now be seen in many homes around the world.

Nowadays, manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Asus regularly release tablet devices boasting the latest technology. Typically, these devices will have sensors, digital cameras, internet functionality, microphones and accelerometers (allow you to tilt the screen, and the information still displays the right way up). Tablets are larger in size than smartphones and some use Bluetooth functionality to transform them into mini computers.

Due to the large quantity of tablet devices on the market, coupled with the competitive nature of the tablet industry, consumers have a huge range of options available. If you have a tablet and are looking to trade it in for a newer model, OnRecycle are here to help.

Who We Are

We are an organisation who specialise in linking sellers of tablets and mobile devices with potential buyers. We've spent years working with some of the biggest online recyclers in the world, to produce a platform upon which consumers can sell their tablets. Due to our large database, numerous recyclers will be looking to bid for your unwanted tablet - which means they will be willing to pay a fantastic price for it. We know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to shop around for potential buyers, which is why we've created a price comparison system that does it for you.

The OnRecycle System

Using the OnRecycle system to sell your tablet couldn't be easier! Even less technically-minded operators can receive a quotation in seconds. Furthermore, as we do not record any personal details during the quotation, we can ensure that you won't be hassled with emails or phone calls from us or any other third parties. What's more, even once you have received a quotation, you are under no obligation to sell your device. All of this is free of charge; you really have nothing to lose!

Broken Tablets

Where our system stands out from our competitors, is in its ability to get you money for tablets which you previously thought were worthless! Even broken tablets are worth something to the recyclers that we use, and therefore they will offer you a fantastic price to take the tablet off your hands. Naturally, you won't receive as much money for a broken tablet as you would for a working one, however, we are sure that you will be happy with the price you are offered. So, the next time you think about throwing away a broken tablet - think again! That instant cash payment could go towards purchasing your next tablet device!

How To Sell

When you arrive on the OnRecycle website, you will notice a search bar at the top of each page. Simply enter the details of your tablet and a list of relevant products (and corresponding images) will appear in a dropdown box. Click on the correct one and you will be transferred to a new page, on which you will be asked to enter a few more details. We need this information in order to link you to the suitable recyclers and to provide you with accurate quotations.

Tell us the condition of your tablet (e.g. 'working,' 'new' or 'broken') and the version of tablet that you have (in terms of its storage size). We also need to know whether the tablet is linked with a specific network, as this may affect the value of it. Fill in these details and the page will automatically update to give you a list of potential buyers and their prices. Now comes the exciting part!

Browsing through the list of quotations is incredibly exciting! You may already have £ signs in your head as you envisage the money being in your bank account. What will you spend this on? Perhaps you want a brand new tablet? Or, maybe your mobile phone is in urgent need of an upgrade? Before you make these decisions, we do suggest you take time to read the reviews left by previous sellers, to give you extra peace of mind. The system provides links to 'view reviews' and the 'user rating' also allows you to check the star rating of the recyclers - worked out by looking at the number of complaints per 100 orders that come through OnRecycle. The better the rating, the better your experience is likely to be - so make good use of the data available to you.

We acknowledge that price is likely to be your most important priority. Next to the 'price' field, you will notice an arrow. Click here to re-organise the data so that the recycler who is offering the largest sum for your tablet will appear at the top of the list.

The remaining columns have also been designed to help you. You may be after instant cash; if so, click on the arrows next to the 'payment period' column, and the data will arrange itself to give you the recycler paying the quickest at the top. The 'payment method' column should also be viewed, so that you can ensure you won't have to wait too long for cheques to arrive and go through the clearing process.

Once you have chosen your recycler, you can click on the 'sell now' button at the end of the row alongside your chosen recycler. Follow the remaining steps that appear on-screen, and you could be looking at your next tablet sooner than you realised!