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Search using the search box above to get the best price when you sell your broken phone. Selling your broken phone is part of what mobile phone recycling is all about. Selling your broken phone in any condition means it'll stay well away from a landfill, be better for the environment and also put some more cash in your pocket by realising the value of the materials within the phone.

If your phone is broken, depending on the damage that's been caused to it, you can still get a decent price. If the phone is a little worse for wear, you should still be able to find a recycler out there who will take it off your hands so it can either be repaired, or disposed of properly. Sell your broken phone in seconds with OnRecycle, get some money and save the environment!

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Many people underestimate the worth of a faulty, non-working or broken phone. Just because your phone has some bad wear, a cracked screen or even water damage, does not mean it has no value. Even non-working phones have a value. At OnRecycle we help you to understand the value of your phone by comparing prices from all recyclers, specifically for broken mobile phones.

When you sell your broken mobile think of OnRecycle. When you want cash for broken phones we aim to get you the most possible money, by comparing all mobile phone recyclers for price, customer rating and payment timescales. You can sell your broken phone with confidence that you will get the best deal. Sell your broken mobile phone now and get the most money for your broken phone - you won't be disappointed with the service we offer.

Did you know, we also compare working or broken tablets.

Hundreds of people turn to OnRecycle each week to sell broken tablets.

Sell your broken tablets with OnRecycle; we make the process as easy as possible! Simply browse for your version of tablet and we will show you a Working, New and a Broken price, as standard. Sell your broken iPad with confidence and get paid very quickly for your trouble!

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How do I sell my broken phone?

It's really easy to sell your broken phone with us. Find your broken phone through our site, then we will show you all of the companies that offer good money for your broken phone. Getting cash for your mobile phone is easier than it seems; recyclers will pay quickly, usually by BACS or cheque, but sometimes even by PayPal!

Sell broken phones quickly

Time is of the essence when it comes to selling a broken phone. The recycling companies that we work with all offer different timescales for payment, the quickest can be same day, and some 5 working days. It's worth taking a good look at the different pay timescales and the different values offered for your broken mobile. Sometimes getting the most money for your broken phone isn't the only factor, when you want the money quickly.

Is Selling My Broken Phone Online Better Than Advertising For Sale?

Without question, the most reliable way of selling a broken phone is to sell it to a recycle company. This is because there are no surprise costs, no wasted time and typically speedy payment too. Lots of people each week sell their broken phones through OnRecycle, to mobile recycle companies. The process is so quick and easy.

Selling broken phones to mobile recyclers - made easy!

There's a lot of recyclers out there who will happily take your broken phone and will give you the most money for a broken Phone. It's really easy to get the best price with OnRecycle; simply search for your broken phone in our search box above, then you'll see a "faulty phone" price, which you can sort by highest. This enables you to get the best price when you sell a broken phone with OnRecycle.

You could still make some money from a broken phone even if you can't use it! All we would say is, to ensure you're describing the phone under the right condition, read the recyclers Terms and Conditions about what they consider to be a broken or non-working phone. That way, there won't be any shocks when you find out your broken in half clamshell phone isn't worth much!

To sell a faulty phone it just depends on just how faulty your phone is!

If it just doesn't turn on, has a battery cover missing or a button has disappeared, you could still make some money from your phone. Recyclers don't want a phone that's in pieces, but if you do want to recycle those badly damaged phones you should still be in luck - they may still have value (sometimes more than you might think!).

Selling your broken mobile is made easy, with OnRecycle.

It might not make you any money but the environmental karma will make up for it! You probably won't find many people offline who would buy a damaged phone from you, just don't bin it - try OnRecycle first to see if you can make some money and search sell broken phone.