Sell Your Google Tablet

Google need very little introduction to anyone. Their name has become associated with a wide range of internet-related services and products, and they host what is arguably the most popular search engine of all time. It is incredible to think that the company was formed as recently as 1998, by two students going through their PHD education! Larry Bird and Sergey Brin could surely not have believed that Google would grow into the iconic multinational technology company that it has become!

The Google name is linked with software, hardware, cloud computing and online advertising. They have also produced a range of smartphones and tablets. Perhaps the most famous is the 'Nexus' range, which began in 2010. This has since been discontinued and was replaced with the 'Pixel' brand in 2016.

Owners of the 'Nexus' and other Google brands may well be thinking about upgrading to the 'Pixel' range (or even looking at other manufacturers). It can, however, be expensive to continually update your collection of digital devices, as and when they are launched. One way in which this can be done is by selling your old, unwanted device, so that you have the cash to spend on the newer technology. If this sounds like an interesting prospect, OnRecycle have the solution for you!

Who We Are

OnRecycle work with some of the world's largest online recyclers. We have spent time building and maintaining effective working relationships with them, and want you to make full use of the effort we have put in. Our easy-to-use system works in a very similar way to many of the popular price comparison websites available. You search for the item you wish to sell, and a seller and price is generated, almost immediately. However, where we differ from many other price comparison services is in our refusal to take any personal details from you during the quotation process. This ensures that you remain free from any aggressive sales calls or emails, from us or any third parties.

The system we provide is really easy to use, even for those who are less technically-minded! We have taken the time to design our system around the needs of our customers and this is reflected in the speed and simplicity of OnRecycle.

The OnRecycle System

When you log onto our website, you will notice a search bar located at the top of each page. Simply type the details of your Google tablet (e.g. which model) into that bar, and the device should appear in a dropdown list. Click on the Google tablet that most closely resembles the one you wish to sell, and you will be transferred to a new screen.

At this stage, we will need you to give us more specific details about your Google tablet. We need to know the condition it is in (do not worry if it is broken - you can still get a fantastic price for it!), the network it is locked with (if any) and the version of the Google tablet that you have (e.g. the size of the model). This is all the information we need to get you a quotation, but the fields should be responded to honestly, in order to return the most accurate data possible.

Once you have given us these details, you are ready to start choosing a recycler! The screen will update to provide you with a list of recyclers who are willing to take your Google tablet from you. When you are making your decision, we recommend that you consider a couple of factors.

Firstly, the price field is likely to be of great interest to you, so take time to look at the prices each recycler is prepared to pay. This data can be sorted so that the buyer offering the most money appears at the top (click on the arrow next to the 'price' text to do this). Furthermore, the method by which payment will be made should also be looked at; you may not want to wait for a cheque to be posted, and then for it to clear. The 'payment period' column may also be of interest - particularly if you are looking for quick cash.

We want you to be happy with your experience selling through OnRecycle, so we think it is important that you also review the recycler's user rating before you sell. View the star rating that has been given to the buyer - this is made up by the number of complaints left for every 1000 orders. The bigger the star rating, the less complaints they have had. We also recommend that you take time to read some of the reviews left by customers who were once in the same position as you.

Once you are happy with a recycler, you are ready to complete your sale. Click on the 'sell now' button and the system will guide you through the remaining processes. If you are offered the opportunity to sell through OnRecycle, we advise you to take this so that you can benefit from our advice and guidance, whilst providing your bank details through a safe and secure payment system.

Once you have received payment, your next tablet can be purchased! Here is our brief review of the Google Pixel C.