Sell Your HTC Tablet

HTC was formed in 1997, and although it began as a design manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer, the Taiwanese consumer electronics company now specialise in consumer electronics.

Initially, HTC started out making smartphones on Windows Mobile, however, in around 2007, the company moved to Android mobiles after they became part of the 'Open Handset Alliance.' In other areas, HTC have ventured into the 'virtual reality' industry with hardware of headsets. Their brand has been associated with the 'Kings XL Punjab' cricket team (who play in the Indian Premier League) and they have been on the list of sponsors for both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa league in football.

In 2014, Google requested that HTC make the Nexus 9 Tablet, as they have previous experience in this area. Other tablets include the HTC Flyer, the HTC Jetstream and the HTC EVO View 4G. The tablet industry is one which is highly competitive, as consumers demand the most highly-technical products at the lowest possible price. The technology frequently evolves and devices such as the Nexus 9 Tablet are quickly outdated as consumers replace them with newer devices.

Replacing them, however, is not cheap. It can be very difficult for consumers to keep up with the latest devices, as they are often updated every year. One way in which to do this, however, is by selling your old HTC tablet for cash, so that you can fund the purchase of the next model. OnRecycle are here to help you do just that.

What We Do

OnRecycle work with some of the world's biggest recyclers, to get consumers the best possible price for their HTC tablet. We know how hard it can be to shop around a list of recyclers; trying to find the best price for their device. Not only this, but it is also time-consuming, wouldn't life be easier if there was someone who had done all of this for you?

OnRecycle have spent years forming and building relationships with recyclers, and this has enabled us to create a price comparison system which gives you the information almost instantly. The system is incredibly easy to use: even the most non-technical of customers enjoy working with the OnRecycle system! In minutes, we can find you a recycler who meets all of your needs, and offers you a fantastic price for your HTC tablet.

The OnRecycle System

When you use OnRecycle, you are guaranteed to be offered an amazing price on your HTC tablet, almost instantly. Simply type in the model name of the HTC tablet that you wish to receive a quotation for, and a list of relevant products will appear in a dropdown list. Click on the correct product and you will be taken to the next page, which asks you for a few more details.

You will be asked to state the condition that your HTC tablet is in, the network with which it is locked, and the version of your HTC tablet (in terms of storage size). We need this information so that we can get you an accurate quotation from the recyclers who want to take your HTC tablet from you, with the criteria you select. Even if your tablet is broken, you might still be offered a fantastic price for it, so be honest when notifying us of the condition of your HTC tablet.

When we have this information, we are ready to get you some prices! As the screen refreshes, you will see data from a list of recyclers; these are the people who want your HTC tablet. Although the information might seem overwhelming, it is all there to support you in your decision making, so take time to review what is in front of you.

One of the key suggestions that we make is to ensure your recycler is reputable. The 'user rating' field gives you a guide as to how the buyer is rated, and is calculated by how many complaints that recycler has received for every 100 orders. The higher the star rating, the lower the number of complaints they have received.

It is also highly likely that price will be a factor in who you choose to sell to. The 'price' field can be sorted so that the buyer offering you the highest price appears first; click on the arrow next to the 'price' text and the data will rearrange itself. Other fields next to that column inform you how payment will be made, and how quickly. Take the time to weigh up the different recyclers, and try to get a feel for the one you want to do business with.

Once you have chosen, click on the 'sell now' button and you will be taken through the remaining steps of the sales process. Once this is completed, and the cash arrives in your bank account, you are in a position to buy your next tablet. If you like HTC tablets, you might be interested in reading our review of the HTC Nexus 9.