Sell Your ASUS Tablet

Asus was formed in 1989 by Ted Hsu, MT Liao, TH Lung and Wayne Tsiah. Since then, they have become a multinational company who specialise in computer hardware and electronics and they now have over 6,000 employees on their books. Their headquarters are based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Asus produce a range of telecommunications and Information Technology-related products such as desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobiles, networking equipment, workstations, monitors and tablet PCs. When manufacturing tablets, Asus have to compete with some of the world's largest organisations such as Apple, Samsung and Amazon, in order to become successful. With companies like Asus regularly releasing new models, many consumers feel the need to keep up-to-date with the latest products. However, as we all know, this can become extremely expensive!

One solution, however, is to trade your older Asus tablet in for cash - giving you the financial power to purchase a new tablet. If you have an older Asus tablet that you wish to sell - either to trade in for a newer Asus model, or one from another manufacturer, OnRecycle can help.

Who Are OnRecycle

We are a company who link sellers of Asus tablets with buyers. We are able to do so quickly and easily, because we have spent years building quality relationships with some of the biggest online recyclers in the world. We want our customers to benefit from the time we have put in, and so we've created an easy-to-use price comparison system that gets you the information you want, quickly. Even the most non-technical users cannot go wrong with the OnRecycle system!

What you will notice when using OnRecycle is that we do not ask you to provide any personal details when we are getting you a quotation. This means that you will not be bombarded by emails - nor will you be harassed by constant sales calls, from someone attempting to persuade you to sell your phone. Even once we have given you a quotation, you are under no obligation to sell, so you really have nothing to lose!

The OnRecycle System

When you arrive on our website, you will notice a search bar that appears at the top of the page. Click on this search bar and type in the name of your Asus tablet (e.g. the 'Asus Transformer book T100T'). A list of related devices will appear, and by clicking on the one that best suits your Asus tablet, you will be taken to a new screen where we'll need a few more details about your device.

When you arrive on the next page, we need to know the Asus tablet's condition (either 'working,' 'broken' or 'new') and the network it is locked with (if any). Furthermore, we need to know the exact version of the model you have, in terms of size (16GB, 32GB, etc). All of these factors will affect the price that recyclers are willing to pay, so by getting it right here, you will save a lot of hassle later on in the process!

Once these details are entered, you are ready to choose a recycler. The list that appears in front of you will have plethora of data. Do not despair: all of this is here to help you make a decision. Not only should your decision be based on the price that the recyclers are offering, but also the way in which payment is made, and the reputability of the company. As with any industry, the standard of recyclers varies and some produce more positive experiences than others. Once again, however, OnRecycle are here to help you unpick the data.

When considering an employee's reputability, we suggest that you pay particular attention to the 'user rating' column. This gives you the results of experiences from previous customers who were once in a similar position to you. The way in which the star rating system has been produced is by how many complaints per 100 orders the recyclers have had. The best recyclers (i.e. less complaints) have more stars against their name. There is also a link onscreen that takes you to the reviews left by these users.

Once you are happy that you have found a buyer for your Asus tablet, you are ready to complete the sale! Click on the 'sell now' button and you will be taken through the remaining steps before arranging collection and payments. If you are offered the choice, we suggest that you sell through the OnRecycle system as this will enable you to benefit from our expert advice and guidance through the sale. Furthermore, you will be selling through a secure payment system.

Once payment is received, it may be time to look around for your next tablet. Here is our review of one of the newer Asus devices - the Asus Zenpad 3S 10.