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Apple is one of the first names to spring to people's minds when they think about consumer electronics. Found in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, the company is one of the world's leading companies in mobile phone telecommunications devices. In addition to the iPhone, Apple is famous for its iPads, Macs and Apple Smartwatches. The Apple brand also produces a whole range of 'i' software, including iTunes, iLife and iWork.

Keeping up to date with Apple products can be difficult. The iPhone, in particular, is updated each year, each version with the most up-to-date technology and newer features. Inevitably, the one thing that gets in the way of consumers keeping up to date, is money. This is where OnRecycle come in.

What We Do

OnRecycle understand what it's like to fall behind with mobile technology. When your friend or family member has the latest device with all its new features, it is only natural that you feel envious and want something similar. We also know that when you do replace your old device with the latest model, the old one can often remain hidden away in storage for a long period of time. However, there is money to be made from your old device - money which could be used to fund your next handset!

OnRecycle pairs consumers with companies who want to pay a good price for your unwanted product. If you have an iPhone 3G that you no longer use, we can find you a recycler who will give you the best price possible for it. Our system is simple, easy to use and saves you plenty of hassle. Here's how.

How It Works

When you are selling your iPhone 3G, you want to know how much it is worth. This will help you in your decision making - you need to know whether or not it is worth going ahead with the sale. Simply enter the words 'iPhone 3G' into the search bar (located at the top of every page) and press 'Go'. You now have a selection of phones to choose from. Click on the one that matches your phone and you will be transferred to a new screen.

When this opens, you need to select the condition of your iPhone 3G, and its version (either 8GB or 16GB). If your phone is locked with a network, we also need to know this as it could affect the value of your quotation (please ensure that you answer these questions honestly - failure to do so will only lead to disappointment when you sell your phone).

Now you have a list of recyclers who are willing to pay a great price for your device! You can organise the data to suit your circumstance: if you are after a quick sale, sort by the 'payment period' field, if you just want someone who will offer you the most money, search by the price field.

When you are choosing your recycler, we always recommend that you take time to find a recycler who is trustworthy and has a good reputation. OnRecycle have produced a star rating system which allows you to see how other users (similar to yourself) have rated the recycler. You can choose to organise the information so that the recycler with the highest star rating appears first on the list. Just underneath the stars, you will see a link which clicks through to 'user reviews.' Take the time to read these before making your decision.

Now that you've found a reputable recycler who is offering you a great price, you are ready to sell! Click on the 'sell now' button to go through to the business end of the process. Once you have clicked, you may notice that you are given the option to complete any details that you previously missed.

When selling, many recyclers will allow you to do so through OnRecycle. Selling this way allows you to proceed through our secure payment system and take advantage of our support and advice. You can choose to sell through OnRecycle or the recycler directly - the choice is yours. Complete the processes that appear on-screen to complete your sale!

Now that you have sold your iPhone 3G, you can decide what you will do with the money! If you are interested in another Apple device, it is a good idea to compare your future purchases with the 3G's spec. Here is our review:

iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G was released by Apple in 2008, and contains all of the standard features you would expect from a mobile phone at that date. It has an easy-to-use 2 megapixel camera, used with a display resolution of 320 x 480, on a screen that measures 3.5 inches. Using this phone against some of the more recent iPhones will give you an idea of how much photo quality and resolution have improved since that time!

iPhones have always been lightweight, attractive models, and the 3G is no exception. Weighing 133g, the device is available to buy in black or white, and has an oleophobic coating with corning gorilla glass. Using the phone to make calls or send text messages is comfortable and easy - as is the phone's portability.

The phone's battery has up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 24 hours of music time. The standby time is up to 300 hours. The phone is available to buy either as an 8GB or 16GB model, and it has 128 MB of RAM.

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