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Apple is one of the most well-known brands in the world within any industry. Due to the nature of their operations, when Apple announce that they are releasing a new piece of software, online service or smartphone, it is often met with anticipation and excitement. These releases are responsible for the many queues that form around Apple stores in cities and towns worldwide.

As consumers, we strive to keep up with the most recent technological developments. It is our hunger and desire for the latest device that keeps companies like Apple pushing themselves to manufacture the products that we want. We are the driving force behind the latest technology and it is, therefore, only right that we keep ourselves updated with the latest smartphone releases.

Unfortunately, keeping up with Apple handsets is not cheap. When Apple and their competitors announce that they are releasing yet another handset, we look to our finances to see how we can afford to purchase it. It can be disappointing to realise that the phone is beyond our budget.

This is where OnRecycle come in. We have experience of dealing with consumers and understand their financial needs when it comes to purchasing the latest mobile device. We don't offer a loan or cause you any high rates of extra expense - we offer you a solution by placing you in the smartphone marketplace; finding you a buyer for your unwanted devices to get you the cash to spend on the latest technology.

What We Do

OnRecycle have spent years building relationships with a range of major online recyclers. This has enabled us to create a price comparison system which focuses around your needs. No matter your criteria, our system will provide you with all the information you need to sell your iPhone 4, or any other device for that matter.

The OnRecycle System

When you are considering to sell your iPhone 4 (or perhaps you are only looking for an initial quotation at this stage), simply log on and enter the details of your phone into the search bar at the top of the page. You will notice that a number of Apple products appear in a dropdown box - select your phone from the list and you will be transferred to another screen.

We now need to find a little more about your iPhone 4, in order to set you up with a suitable buyer. The phone's condition will affect its value, so answer honestly between the selections available (either new, working or broken). Even if your iPhone 4 is broken, you can still achieve a great price for the handset!

Take the time to tell us if your handset is locked with a particular network, and the phone's version (8GB, 16GB or 32GB) as these categories will also affect the phone's value. Having completed this information, you can sit back and enjoy receiving a list of quotations from recyclers!

The very first quotations you will see on the results list are the recyclers who have been recommended by OnRecycle. These are recyclers that we have come to trust and recommend above any others on the list. There are many phone recyclers available on the internet, and - as with any industry - not all of them are 100% reliable. Before you make your decision about which one you choose to sell your phone to, we recommend that you read through some user reviews and consider the handy star rating system. You might also want to carry out some background checks for yourself, finding out how long the recycler has been trading for, and whether they have a website that provides further details.

Other ways of organising the data to find the best recycler for you, include price (a likely factor in who you choose to sell to!) and payment terms. After you have considered these factors, you are now free to choose a buyer. Bear in mind, however, that you are still entitled to change your mind at this stage of the process - you are not under any obligation to sell.

Having chosen your buyer, simply follow the remaining processes to sell your iPhone 4 and receive the cash. If you are offered the choice, we recommend that you sell through the OnRecycle system as you will benefit from our secure payment system and expert advice.

Having sold your phone, you might want to consider your new smartphone in comparison with the iPhone 4. Here are our reviews of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S:

Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was released in 2010 to a huge congregation of Apple customers. The phone has an improved display from the iPhone 3G (640 x 960 pixels) and is also slightly smaller than the 3G (3.4 inches). The iPhone 4 was released with iOS 4 which is upgradable to 7.1.2.

The phone is available to buy either as a 8GB, 16GB or 32GB model, and has 512 MB of RAM. Where the phone really improves from the iPhone 3G is in its camera. The 5MP screen is a huge improvement from the 2MP on the 3G. Unlike the 3G, the iPhone 4 also has video functionality. The iPhone 4 is available to buy in black or white, and has a scratch-resistant glass back panel.

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