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Apple has become one of the biggest sellers of consumer electronics, computer software and online services in the world. Ever since its 1976 launch, the brand has been synonymous with quality, regardless of the product it is selling. Whether you are upgrading to the latest version of iTunes, iLife or Safari, or even splashing out on the latest iPhone or Smartwatch - Apple is likely to have become a mandatory brand in at least one aspect of your daily entertainment.

However, constantly upgrading to the latest iPhone is not cheap and many consumers require some financial aid in order to do so. Despite the series of iPhone 5 products being released as recently as 2013, they've already been overtaken by the iPhone 6 and 7's, neither of which are cheap! If only there were a company out there who could recognise this...

OnRecycle have become experts at helping consumers afford the latest mobile technology. We recognise that regularly upgrading to a newer iPhone is an expensive process, so we are here to help you sell your iPhone 5 at a fantastic price. Shopping around for potential buyers is a time-consuming and frustrating process, but, luckily, our system is designed to do the hard work for you.

What We Do

We have teamed up with some of the biggest online recyclers in the world to create a price comparison system - giving you a platform to sell your iPhone 5 quickly and easily. The years we've spent building these relationships means that you needn't look elsewhere - we know the best recyclers who will offer you the highest price for your device. Finding these prices couldn't be simpler.

How The System Works

When you arrive on our website, you'll notice a search box at the top of each page. Simply enter 'iPhone 5' into this box, and a list of related products will appear. Choose from either the standard iPhone 5, the 5C or the 5S - each of which will return different quotations, so be sure to choose carefully!

Having selected your phone, we now need to know a few more details before we can pair you with a recycler. Enter the condition of your phone (from the 'working,' 'broken' or 'new' options) and then select the version that you have (in terms of storage size). Now we just need to know the network that your phone is locked with, and you are good to go!

Within seconds of completing this information, a plethora of potential recyclers appears. These are the people who want to buy your iPhone 5 from you - enabling you to make a decision on who you wish to sell to (and, indeed, if you still wish to sell). Remember that at this stage you are under no obligation to sell.

When you choose the buyer for you, you should consider a number of factors. Price is likely to be one of your concerns - if so, filter on the price that is being offered. If you want a quick sale, change the organisation of data into the 'payment period' field. If you are more interested in the reputation of the company who are offering you the cash, sort the data by the star rating column. We always recommend that you check who you sell your phone to. Not only do we advise you to sell to a company with a high star rating, but we also encourage you to read the reviews left by previous sellers.

You are now free to click on the 'sell now' button and follow the remainder of the process. It couldn't be simpler!

Once you receive the cash, you may well be eyeing up your next smartphone purchase. We've taken the time to give you some information on the three iPhone 5 models (standard, 5C and 5S) so that you're able to compare the spec against other models.

Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was released in 2012. It was known for being extremely lightweight, weighing only 112 grams. The screen size was slightly bigger than the iPhone 4 models, with a display of 4 inches. The resolution of 640 x 1136 was improved from the 2011 iPhone 4S - this was one of the most notable improvements in the device.

The iPhone 5 operates on iOS 6 but is upgradeable to 10.3. It has a range of storage sizes: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. Each version has 1GB of RAM.

The iPhone 5 boasts an 8 megapixel camera. In terms of battery, the device has up to 225 hours of stand-by, up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 40 hours of music. The phone is available to buy in black/slate, and white/silver.

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