Sell Your Samsung Smartwatch

When Samsung was founded in 1938, they could not have believed that they would end up trading in some of the industries that have! Their rich history has taken them into the food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, retail and even ship-building industries. They are best-known for some of the more recent industries they have participated within, however, and are very competitive within the electronics and mobile telecommunications markets.

In recent years, Samsung have become popular designers and manufacturers of Smartwatches and their 'Gear' series has produced the original 'Samsung Galaxy Gear', (released in 2013) the 'Samsung Galaxy Gear 2' (released in 2014) and the 'Samsung Galaxy Gear S3' (released in 2016). These smartwatches have competed with those released by other major manufacturers such as Apple and Microsoft.

As consumers, it is an exciting time to buy and utilise mobile devices such as Smartwatches. Due to the substantial competition, prices have to be lowered, whilst the products themselves showcase the most recent technology and capabilities. Although the market is exciting, it can be very difficult to keep up with the latest releases - particularly when looking at ways to fund upgrades. One option is to trade in your existing device, and use the cash towards your next purchase. OnRecycle can help you with this.

Who Are OnRecycle?

We are a company who specialise in linking sellers of Smartwatches such as the Samsung Smartwatch with buyers. We believe that finding a buyer for your unwanted device should not be difficult, and appreciate how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to look for a suitable buyer. OnRecycle have produced a price-comparison system which does all the hard work for you. Seconds after logging on and searching for your Samsung Smartwatch, you will be offered a list of quotations that give you all of the information you need to sell. Even if you change your mind and opt to keep your Samsung Smartwatch, you are under no obligation to sell after you have received the quotations - nor will you have to pay for the service. Furthermore, OnRecycle do not take any personal data when providing you with a quotation which means that you are free from receiving any emails or sales calls. Try the system for free, today!

The OnRecycle System

When you have made the decision to sell your Samsung Smartwatch, you want to find the information quickly and clearly, which is exactly what the OnRecycle system does. Simply type in the name of your Samsung Smartwatch (e.g. 'Samsung Galaxy Gear') in to the search bar located at the top of the page, and a list of related products appears in a dropdown list. Choose the one that suits your Samsung Smartwatch and a new screen will open.

Before we can get you the list of quotations you are eagerly after, we need to know the condition of your Samsung Smartwatch. Choose from either 'broken,' 'working' or 'new' and the list of recyclers will update. You are now in a position to choose the best recycler, to suit your purpose.

When choosing a recycler, we suggest that you do a little research before selling. Look at the 'user rating' column on the system, and you can compare the recyclers in terms of who has been scored highest (by customers who were once in a similar position to you). Take the time to click on the 'user reviews' link too, and you will get more of an idea about the company you are (potentially) doing business with. You might even like to conduct your own research, by logging on to the recycler's website and seeing how long they have been trading for, for example. It is worth putting in this groundwork to check that you are not selling to an un-reputable recycler. You will notice that OnRecycle have also given you a list of 'recommended recyclers' to help you.

Other factors that are likely to influence your decision regarding who you sell to are the price and method by which payment will be made. You will notice that both the 'price' and 'payment period' columns have arrows next to them. By clicking on these arrows, you can rearrange the data to give you the highest and fastest payers at the top of the list.

Once you have found the best recycler to suit you, you are free to continue the sales process. Click on the 'sell now' button, and you will be taken through the remainder of the process. If you are given the option of selling through OnRecycle, we strongly advise that you take this, as it will enable you to benefit from our expert advice and guidance, whilst allowing you to enter your details through a safe and secure system. OnRecycle are happy to stay with you along every step of the sales journey!

Now that you have sold your Samsung Smartwatch, you may be looking at other products that are available. If you are happy with Samsung, our review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 might tempt you into buying Samsung's most recent release.