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Microsoft 4Afrika

Microsoft 4Afrika

Microsoft aren’t only on people’s lips because of the release of their two gorgeous tablets, the Surface RT and the Surface 8 Pro - read our first instalment in the Microsoft themed double-bill-blog to find out more - they’re also saving the world! (In a technological sense, of course – they’re not actually saving lives. Unless you include co-founder Bill Gates, of course and his Polio busting campaign. What a legend)

Microsoft 4Afrika

The Huawei Windows phone, which was launched earlier this week, is a bespoke smartphone which has been created especially for Africa. It is a customised version of the Huawei Ascend W1 which was unveiled by the Chinese telecoms giant earlier this year. It is being launched as part of the 4Afrika scheme – which includes plans to develop cheap wireless broadband in Kenya and help people in South Africa and Egypt develop Windows apps – with the aim of increasing the "penetration of smartphones across the continent".

The company are celebrating 20 years of doing business on the continent with the mutli-year initiative by activiely engaging in Africa's "economic development to improve its global competetiveness". Peter Hu, Managing Director of Huawei Device, Eastern and Southern Africa said of the venture: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Microsoft to ensure that more people have access to leading technology, communications and information services. By launching the Huawei 4Afrika we will be bringing leading technology within reach for more people in Africa, thereby giving them access to a world of new opportunities."

That all sounds very yummy and nice but we're pretty sure that getting their claws into the world's second largest and second most populated continent won't do them any harm, either. Nice forethought there Microsoft. Nice.

I won’t go into great detail about the spec – that would seem a bit silly as we’re not getting the phone over here – but it's great news for Microsoft; they’re getting their name out there in a positive light while also gaining a hold on the one of the largest continenets on earth. Just another step along the road to them becoming one of the big boys again.

Saving the world from online fraudsters

Microsoft’s do-gooding doesn’t stop in Africa, either, oh no – they’ve just helped take out Botnet; a two year old criminal network which is responsible for more than $1 billion worth of fraud. We’re loving Microsoft this week!

Microsoft, who teamed up with Symantec, busted the network which began in 2009 and which may have controlled up to 1.8m PCs. The criminal gang made their millions by remotely controlling PCs and silently clicking on specific adverts which would divert to a fake site offering counterfeit products. This – according to BBC News - is ‘a lucrative business in the malware industry’.

It is thought that the ringleaders were spread across the world from Russia and the USA to Romania, England and Australia, where they would operate under false names using stolen credit card details. Their activities would not only lead unsuspecting victims to false products, but it would also expose their computers to malicious malware. Nasty.

So all in all we think it’s been a pretty great month for Microsoft. Not only have they created a really positive buzz around their two scrummy tablets (read our first installment for more info) but they’ve also got their claws into Africa and have helped bust a massive criminal network. Three cheers for Microsoft!

All we’re waiting for now is their take-over of the smartphone market. We can’t see that happening any time in the very near future, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that – along with Nokia, Huawei and the rise in popularity the Chinese smartphones – they take more and more of the market share. There's certainly lots to watch out for!

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