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Windows Surface Tablet Review

Windows Surface Tablet Review

In celebration of the Windows tablet double act (which comes in the beautiful, sleek forms of the Surface RT and the Surface Pro) here at OnRecycle we have created a Windows themed double-bill-blog for all you lovely readers to enjoy. It might not be as sexy as the real thing, but we’re aiming for informative

2013 is looking like the year for Microsoft. After a bleak period cowering in the shadows of Apple and Samsung - among others - the old stalwart is firmly back in the limelight; and for a number of reasons. Let’s begin our double-instalment by taking a look at the main cause of all this fuss: the release of the new tablets, which seem to be going down a storm. So far.

Surface Tablets

The launch of the two Windows tablets is looking like a big plus for technology giants, Microsoft. Both the Surface with Windows RT – which has been on the scene for a while now - and the Surface with Windows 8 Pro – which is due to launch later this month, although no one is really sure of the date - have had positive reviews and look to be injecting some new life into Microsoft.

Let’s start with how they look (very important, of course). Both tablets have a solid, sturdy appearance which is a definite plus. Instead of plastic, they are made of a magnesium alloy. Although this makes them look super professional and sleek, it does give them a little extra weight - but it’s not significant; the Pro weighs in at 2lbs with the RT at 1.5lbs. To give you a bit of perspective the iPad 4 weighs just under 1.5lbs, so it's not a big difference. They are the same thickness of the iPad, too, at 9.4mm. Despite the similar weight and thickness to other tablets on the market, the Windows tablets are truely unique - and this is one of their most attractive qualities. They appear like a slab of metal; solid yet sleek.

What's great is the metallic form of these lovely nuggets of technology reflect their inner capabilities. Perhaps the best thing about the Windows Pro 8 tablet is its sheer power: it effectively runs as a full power PC but has the appearance of a tablet; and one with fantastic touch-screen capabilities at that (the screen can detect up to 10 fingers at once!) This is down to the Windows 8 Pro Operating System which is the same as the Windows 8 that the RT runs on, just with a few extra features and a bit more umph! Windows 8 is one of the most popular OS around - according to tech research firm Gartner it is ‘by far the most installed operating system’. Go Microsoft!

Other plus points include the keyboard, which when attached to the Pro, allows the screen to sit at 22 degrees which is the peeerfect viewing angle. They also both have a MicroSD slot so they are flexible with regards to storage. The Surface Pro also has its own active pen which allows you to draw or write on the screen. It is attached with a magnet so this fun little extra doesn’t take away from the compact and sleek look of the thing.

The prices for the Pro are still a bit up in the air at the moment - as is the launch date - but here are the prices as revealed in the US. Without the keyboard, the price of the Pro is $899 for the 64GB model and just over $999 for 128GB model. The Surface RT costs £399 (again without the keyboard) for 32GB model which is the same price as the iPad 4. You can purchase the keyboard, the ‘Touch Cover’ for an extra $120-ish. Pricey, I know, but it’s quite something you know, with those flat, pressure sensitive keys. If you want to buy the lot together a better package deal is available.

Overall the two tablets seem to be going down (or about to go down) a storm. They offer something different and create a great balance between sturdiness, power and sexiness.

Windows Surface vs. the iPad

Results recently out from a Forrester Study show that people who work in IT would rather own a Surface than an iPad – and they should know, right? 32% of those surveyed (and there were 9,766 of the scallywags) want a Surface while only 26% said they wanted an iPad (Windows:1, Apple:0) - and for the record only 12% said they wanted an Android tablet (Samsung:0!) However, these results contrast slightly with the figures as only 2% of those surveyed actually own a Surface. Combine this with the fact that apparently there were only 900,000 Surface tablets shipped in the last quarter of 2012 – a positively spindly amount – and it seems the hype and enthusiasm remains on a hypothetical level at the moment.

Although Windows trumped Apple in the fantasy tablet stakes, in the smartphone arena, Apple dished up a knock-out to flaw Windows: of those surveyed, 33% wanted an iPhone as their next handset while only 10% wanted a Windows (Windows: 1, Apple: 1). Despite this I’d hazard a guess that Window phones will be popping up in a few more wish lists as the popularity of the Surface becomes more widespread and Nokia’s share of the market continues to grow.

So, although the figures don’t stack up just yet, it does seem the future is bright for Windows – I can feel it in me bones. It definitely seems people have their sights set on the Surface; but what’s stopping them, I wonder? Are they waiting for the Pro to launch? Or are they a bit put off by the price tag? If this is the case for you then don’t forget to recycle your old gadget with us here at OnRecycle to help fund your new Surface. We offer the best price, guaranteed :) And don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook if you’re happy with the service.

Keep your eyes peeled for the second instalment in our Microsoft themed double-bill-blog on Windows saving the world (in a technological sense, of course).