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Sony are well-known for their work in consumer and professional electronics, entertainment, financial services and gaming. They were founded in 1946 and have since become a Japanese multinational conglomerate, with headquarters in Tokyo. Sony are many people's first choice when it comes to consumer electronics and gaming products. Where they are arguably less popular, is within the mobile phone industry.

In 2001, Sony Mobile was incorporated - a branch of the Sony brand. Their range of mobile phones have included devices such as the Sony Ericsson T68i (the first Ericsson phone with a colour screen) and the more recent Sony Xperia XZ, released in 2016. Although they have launched a large number of phones, they have still fallen behind Apple and Samsung products in the popularity stakes.

If you have a Sony mobile phone and are looking at trading it in for a different product, OnRecycle can help you. We work closely with many of the world's largest online recyclers, linking sellers with buyers by providing a platform upon which to sell mobile phones. Whether it is quick cash that you are after - or money to put towards a newer handset, OnRecycle can help.

What We Do

We have spent years forming relationships with some of the largest online recyclers in the world - and want you to take advantage of this. Our price comparison system gives you access to the people who are willing to pay you a fantastic price for your device. In just a few minutes, you can have the information that you need to make a decision on selling your Sony phone. When doing so, we will not take any personal details from you - which means that you will not be contacted by phone or email, from us or any third parties.

The OnRecycle System

When you want to receive a quotation for your Sony phone, log on to our website and our easy-to-use system will guide you through the process. Simply type the model of your Sony phone in to the search bar at the top of the page, and a series of related devices will appear in a dropdown list. Click on the relevant handset to progress to the next stage.

At this stage, we need to find out a few more details regarding the Sony phone you wish to sell. Enter the condition of the phone (broken, working or new) and the network the phone is linked with (if any). We also need to know the version of the Sony phone you are selling, as this will affect the price that recyclers are willing to pay.

Once you have entered these details, the list of recyclers will update and you can begin to look in to further options for selling your Sony phone. Whilst searching through the data, we recommend that you consider a couple of factors before making a decision. Price is likely to play a big part in who you sell to, so the system allows you to sort the data according to who offers you the largest price.

In addition, the recycler's reputation should also be considered. Click on the 'user rating' field to arrange the data so that the seller with the highest star rating appears first. You can also use the reviews left by previous sellers, (click 'view reviews' below the star ratings) to get a feel for the recycler you are selling to, and whether or not they are a reputable company. You may also wish to carry out your own research, by searching the internet for other reviews and going on their website (see how long they have been trading, for example).

Once you have chosen the recycler that best suits your purpose, click on the 'sell now' button (next to their name) and you will be taken through the remainder of the process. If you get the opportunity to sell through OnRecycle, we strongly advise you to take this as it enables you to make best use of our expert advice and guidance. Furthermore, we ensure that you are using a secure payment system when inputting your bank details.

Now that you have sold your Sony phone and the money is in your account, you are ready to look around at newer options. If you are happy with Sony, you might be interested to learn about a couple of their phones. Here are our reviews of the Ericsson T68i and the Xperia XZ.

Sony Ericsson T68i

Released in 2002, the Ericsson T68i was Sony's first Ericsson mobile with a colour screen. It has dimensions of 101 x 48 x 19.5 mm and weighs only 84 grams, which makes operating the handset easy and comfortable. The phone has a screen with a display of 101 x 80 pixels, and a joystick navigation system. When using the T68i, users are able to play games which are downloaded.

The Ericsson T68i has a battery with up to 300 hours of stand-by time, and up to 11 hours of talk time. The model can be purchased in Arctic Blue.

Sony Xperia XZ

The XZ was Sony's 2016 entry into the smartphone market. It has dimensions of 146 x 72 x 8.1 mm and weighs 161 grams. The thin, sleek appearance gives it a modern feel and is similar to many competitive models in the marketplace today.

The phone is waterproof and dustproof. It has a fingerprint sensor and a high quality camera that boasts 23 megapixels, and a secondary camera of 13 megapixels. Pictures are displayed on the device's 1080 x 1920-pixel rating and can be stored via either the 32 or 64GB handsets that the phone comes in. For further storage, the device has a micro SD functionality, up to 256 GB. The phone is available to buy in mineral black, platinum, forest blue and deep pink.