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Based in Texas, Dell are a multinational company who specialise in computers and computer-related products including servers, PC's, data storage, software, hardware and also MP3 players. In addition, Dell had a place within the mobile phone market in between 2009 (when they released the Mini 3iX) and 2011 (with the Streak Pro D430). Since that time, they have manufactured and sold tablet devices.

Dell is not necessarily a name synonymous with mobile phones and, despite the brand name, is not likely to be a competitor with some of the main manufacturers (such as Apple and Samsung), in the immediate future. As a result, customers who own a Dell phone may be interested in learning how much they could receive for their existing handset. If this sounds like you, look no further than OnRecycle, who are here to help you with all your mobile phone needs.

Who We Are

OnRecycle are specialists in mobile phone recycling, and have formed effective working relationships with a number of major online recyclers across the world. The time and effort that we have spent maintaining these relationships has enabled us to produce a system that gives you immediate access to the fruits of our labours!

When you go through OnRecycle, you are guaranteed to receive an effective, hassle-free service which places you at the heart of the sales process. When you enquire about the prices that recyclers will offer you for your Dell handset, you will be amazed at how much people are willing to pay! Due to the competition for your device, recyclers have to bid high to win your phone from you. But this won't last forever, as the price for Dell handsets (as with any others) will decline as time goes on. Take full advantage of the high prices that you are quoted, by selling your Dell phone today.

How It Works

When you log on to the OnRecycle website, you will notice that you have an option to search for the relevant handset at the top of the screen. After you have entered your Dell model type, a selection of phones (complete with images) will appear, enabling you to match the phone that you have with the ones on-screen. Click on the handset to open up another page, which asks you for a few more details about your device.

For obvious reasons, the condition of your phone will dictate the price that our list of online recyclers are willing to pay. Rest assured that whether your handset is working or broken, there are likely to be people who will offer you a great price! Make sure you complete this section of the website honestly, as failure to provide accurate information will only lead to disappointment when the recycler receives your product.

In addition to the condition, this page requests that you give us details of the network that your phone is locked with (if applicable) and the phone's version (in terms of size). These are the only details that we need to get you quotations from our large database, and once you have entered them into the website, you can sit back and enjoy browsing your list of fantastic prices from the buyers. It really is that simple!

How It Works

Although it is tempting to immediately sign up with the recycler who offers you the most money for your Dell handset, we recommend that you consider other factors in your decision-making process. To begin with, have you heard of the recycler who is offering you the cash? Have you taken the time to read the reviews left by other consumers who have had experiences with the buyer already? How quickly will you receive the cash? The answers to these questions are easily answered by the table that appears in front of you and, by taking the time now, you can relax in the knowledge that your Dell device is going to a trustworthy recycler.

When you have made the decision to sell, now comes the fun part! You are only a few clicks away from receiving payment and selling the Dell phone that you no longer require. When you click on the 'sell now' button, you will be transferred directly into the action, completing the details needed to arrange a sale. If you get the opportunity, we recommend that you sell through OnRecycle as, by doing so, you will be able to benefit from our secure payment system and receive the advice and guidance that you need to complete this process.

Now, for the payment! Perhaps you are thinking about what you will be replacing your Dell device with? If you are specifically interested in Dell and want to view other products, here are some of the existing Dell handsets that might interest you.

The Streak Pro

The Streak Pro was the last mobile handset Dell released before they went on to larger tablets. The smartphone was released in 2011, and comes with a 4.3 inch screen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. The 8GB handset also has 1GB of RAM and access to additional storage (up to 32GB) via the micro SD card slot.

The phone has an 8-megapixel camera, with an LED flash. It connects to networks via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it is also possible to download games. The Streak Pro is only available in black.

Mini 3iX

This handset was Dell's first offering to the mobile phone marketplace, released in 2009. It is lightweight (just 108g) and just 11.7 mm thick. The screen is only 3.5 inches long and comes with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. The phone links up with the internet via its Android operating system (version 1.5 - cupcake) and also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality.

The Mini3iX also plays MP3s and has a loudspeaker. In terms of storage, the phone has 2GB memory, and can access to up to 32GB via the micro SD card slot.