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Apple is one of the world's leading manufacturers and designers of electronic gadgets. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976, when they produced and sold personal computers, it has since expanded into areas such as hardware, software, online services and smartphones (and other handheld devices). The brand is one associated with quality, and many customers feel as though they are at the centre of the design process. Each device Apple releases is extremely user-friendly, enabling customers to feel comfortable to operate them almost immediately!

What has helped to make Apple so successful is the regularity of the devices they launch. At least one new smartphone seems to be released every year, complete with the latest mod-cons and technological capabilities. Releasing products so regularly comes with both advantages and disadvantages to consumers. On the plus side, it is an incredibly exciting time for us to live in as we are able to benefit from Apple's technological innovation to ensure we are always kept up to date. On the other hand, we are often unable to afford the newest handsets - leaving us behind in terms of technology. For example, a device like the iPhone 5s (released as recently as 2013) is already outdated and this means that its value has dropped significantly.

The OnRecycle Solution

If you have an iPhone 5s and want a new device, OnRecycle can help. We know that not everyone can afford the latest smartphone, but we work with recyclers to ensure that if you want to sell your iPhone 5s, you will receive a top price for doing so. Our years of experience have allowed us to work out the requirements of both buyer and seller, and we work as a middle-man in linking the two parties together. As a consumer, you receive a great price for your iPhone 5s, enabling you to buy a more recent device.

The OnRecycle system has been designed with the user in mind. When you search for a quotation, we will not ask you to provide any personal details, which keeps you free from aggressive sales calls and unwanted emails. The system is easy to use - even the least technical of operators will succeed in finding a quote, and subsequently selling their iPhone 5s.

The OnRecycle System

When you have made the decision to sell your iPhone 5s, log on to the OnRecycle website and type the name of your model into one of the search bars located at the top of each webpage. Select your iPhone 5s from the dropdown list.

You will then be taken to the next page, where we find out some more details about your specific handset. In order to retrieve a list of accurate quotations, we need to know the condition of the device you are selling, and the version. Choose from the options provided - giving the most honest description of your phone (failure to do so may result in you having your quotation reduced during a later stage in the process).

Once the system has this information, it will provide you with a list of accurate quotations. As the table updates, you will see the prices that recyclers are willing to pay, along with a series of other data. All of this is available to you within seconds of entering the details of the iPhone 5s!

During this stage, you will select the best recycler for you, depending on your own personal circumstances. For example, if price is the most important factor, you will probably go with one who offers you the largest sum of money. If you are more interested in receiving cash quickly, the 'payment period' column will be of greater interest.

Whatever your circumstances, we always recommend that you pay close attention to the 'user rating' field. We want your sales experience to be as positive as it can be, so we have rated the recyclers using a star rating system. Those with the greater number of stars have received the least amount of complaints from previous sellers, so it is more likely that these buyers will give you a more positive sales experience than others. If you want to find out even more about the recyclers, click on the 'user reviews' link and you will be able to read some of the reviews left by previous sellers.

When you are happy with your decision, click on the 'sell now' button next to the recycler of your choice and you will be taken through the remainder of the sales process. Once you receive your money, you can begin to shop for your new smartphone! Reading a review of the iPhone 5s you have just sold will help you to make a decision on your next smartphone. Here is our brief review to help guide you.

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s was released in 2013 by Apple - amongst competition from other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. It weighs just 112 grams, considerably less than the iPhone 4s (140 grams). The iPhone 5s has an LED-backlit IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen on a display which is 4 inches in size. This display has a pixel rating of 640 x 1136.

The iPhone 5s operates from iOS 7 but this is upgradeable to iOS 10.3.2. It can be purchased as either a 16, 32 or 64GB model and each one comes with 1GB of RAM. In terms of the handset's functions, it has an 8 megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor and 'Siri' voice activation. The phone plays either MP3 or MP4 files. The iPhone 5s can be purchased in either space gray, silver/white or gold.

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