Sell Your LG Smartwatch

LG are a South Korean multinational corporation who operate via the LG Twin Towers building in Seoul. The company have become synonymous with quality since they were formed in 1947, by Koo In-Hwoi, and now produce a range of goods, including electronics, chemicals and telecom products. LG have sponsored a variety of English football premier league teams, including Swansea City and Manchester City FC. They have also sponsored Bayer Leverkusen, who play in the German league.

LG have released a range of mobile telephones in their trading history, and now have a popular list of smartwatch products linked to their name. One of the more recent watches on the market, the LG Watch Sport, was released in 2017 and there are likely to be many more smartwatch releases as the technology evolves.

Due to the rapid nature with which mobile phone and smartwatch technology evolves, consumers in contemporary society live in a world with plenty of options available. As a result, devices such as the LG Watch Sport are quickly upgraded for newer models. Furthermore, the watch will not necessarily suit all users. If you have an LG Watch and are considering selling it for cash whilst the value remains relatively high, OnRecycle can help you.

Who are OnRecycle

We are a company who specialise in linking sellers of LG Watches with suitable buyers. We have formed effective working relationships with many of the world's largest online recyclers, and this has enabled us to create a system which gives our customers the full benefit. We know what it is like to spend hours trawling through websites, trying to find a recycler who will offer you the best price, and have spent the time now so that you don't have to. In much the same way as other price comparison websites work, we require just a few initial details before we provide you with the information you are after.

How The OnRecycle System Works

When you want to receive a quotation for your LG Watch, log onto our website and type the name of your device into the search bar at the top of the page. Once you have done this, a list of relevant products appears - select the one that matches your LG Watch the best.

You will now be transferred to a new screen where we need a few more details before we can generate the quotations. In most cases, the only details you will be asked to enter concerns the condition of your LG Watch. Even if your LG watch is broken, there are still many recyclers willing to pay a fantastic price for it, so be sure to answer this honestly in order to prevent disappointment later on in the process.

Once we know the condition (and any other relevant criteria if applicable), we are ready to link you with the list of recyclers who want to buy your LG Watch. Take time to review the information you are presented with, and be sure to choose a recycler who is best suited to your circumstances. We advise you to select a recycler who you have heard of, and has a good reputation. You can confirm this by reading some of the reviews left by other customers who were once in a similar position to you. To do this, click on the 'view reviews' link, located below the recycler's star rating.

Another factor which may be of importance to you is the payment method. If you are after cash urgently, you might not be interested in selecting a payment type such as a cheque, as you will have to wait for the cheque to arrive and go through the clearing process. Furthermore, it is likely that you will want to choose a recycler who pays quickly, so take the time to look at the 'payment period' column to enable you to do find one who pays promptly.

Once you have chosen a suitable recycler, you are now ready to complete the sales process. Click on the 'sell now' button and you will be taken through a series of steps, instructing you on how you can send off your LG Watch (many recyclers provide a freepost service) and receive payment. If you are given the option, we suggest that you choose to sell through the OnRecycle system which allows you to take advantage of our advice and guidance, whilst guaranteeing you a safe and secure checkout.

When payment has been received, you may be looking around for your next smartwatch purchase! For details of the recent LG Watch Sport, here is our brief review.