Sell Your Alcatel Phone

Alcatel mobiles are part of the TCL corporation, a Chinese multinational electronics company who, in 2013, were known as the 3rd largest television producers (by market share) in the world. They acquired full control of the Alcatel mobile phone brand in 2005. Since then, models such as the OneTouch 818 and 355 have won awards and the Alcatel A5 Led has received rave reviews after its 2017 release.

Alcatel encourage customers to enjoy their life experiences, and this is an area in which OnRecycle are passionate about assisting. We know that the mobile technological world can often be confusing and complicated, and we want to give consumers the best possible opportunity to find a device that matches their requirements.

Alcatel phones are less popular than the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models, but this does not mean that they are not the ideal phone for some users. If you are interested in purchasing one, or indeed, trading one in for another model, OnRecycle are here to help (regardless of the model you're after). We give consumers the opportunity to cash in on their Alcatel phones, by pairing them with a wide selection of recyclers who want to buy Alcatel phones from them. Here is how we do it.

What We Do

We have taken the time to form incredible relationships with some of the world's main recyclers - the ones interested in buying your Alcatel mobile from you. This has allowed us to create a price comparison system which gives users easy access to a selection of quotations. As there are so many recyclers who are keen to buy your Alcatel phone from you, they are competing to get your device and therefore, the price that they are willing to pay is usually high. We can get you a fantastic deal on your Alcatel phone, no matter its condition.

What Customers Do

When you log onto our website, you can search for the phone you wish to sell via the search menu at the top of the page. After you have entered the model for the Alcatel phone you are hoping to sell, a list of relevant models appears with their photos next to them. Don't worry if your device isn't in the same condition as those photographed - you can still get an accurate quotation for what you have!

After you click on the matching photo, you then need to tell us the condition of your phone. Even broken or damaged handsets can be sold! Be honest when choosing the phone's condition - any misinformation given here will result in further problems down the line. On this screen, we also need to know the phone's memory size, and whether it is locked with any specific network. All of these factors will affect the quotation you receive.

This is all you need to do to get a quotation! Even at this stage, we have not taken any personal details, so you will not be bombarded by a string of emails trying to sell you different things. A list of potential buyers will appear - enabling you to filter by categories such as payment period (how quickly you will receive payment), payment amount, and user ratings for the potential buyer.

Now you are free to think about the offer you have received, and can make your decision as to the next steps. Maybe you will decide to keep your Alcatel after all. Perhaps you are surprised at how much a recycler is willing to pay, and you can't wait to sell, so that you can shop for the latest device! Whatever your decision, you can think about it whilst remembering that you are under no obligation to sell. That said, it is worth bearing in mind that the quotation will not last forever.

Having made your decision, you are now free to sell your Alcatel mobile phone. Click on the 'sell now' button, and you will be directed through to the next stage of the selling process. If you get the option to sell through OnRecycle, we recommend that you do this, as you will be covered by our payment protection system, and we will be there to help you along each remaining step.

Once you have sold your phone and received payment, you can look for your next purchase! If Alcatel remains your number one choice of phone vendor, here are some of their products that you can enjoy.