Sell Your ASUS Phone

Founded in 1989, Asus has gone on to become a multinational company, specialising - primarily - in computer hardware and electronics. Based in Taiwan, Asus' products cover desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, software, hardware, tablets and mobile phones. In 2015, Asus became the 4th largest PC vendor worldwide in terms of unit sales.

Asus mobiles are particularly influential in some of the bigger Asian mobile markets, including India and China. Their range of mobiles is vast, and the more recent 'Zenfone' range was cleverly customised to suit different user requirements. That said, some buyers may well have wished that they had purchased other models - and this is where OnRecycle can come in handy.

If you have an Asus mobile phone that you wish to cash in, OnRecycle can provide you with the ideal solution. We have been working with both customers and online recyclers for years, and understand the needs of both parties. From the recyclers point of view, they are desperate to get their hands on your Asus handsets, and are willing to part with a large sum of money in order to do so. As we have built successful relationships with many of the more popular online recyclers, they are all busy competing against each other - to give you the best possible price.

We also recognise the need for you, as a consumer, to keep up to date with the latest technologies and handsets that are being released into the mobile phone market every year. We want you to be happy with the device that you own, which is why we are passionate about getting you a fair price for your handset. We know that the mobile phone marketplace can be a confusing one, packed with contradictory views and opinions. It is only once you have tested a variety of models that you are able to find the one that suits you perfectly.

When you sell your mobile through OnRecycle, we can guarantee you a great price, which will enable you to purchase a new handset after selling the one which no longer works for you (or never has!)

What We Do

OnRecycle give you access to instant quotations from the recyclers that we have mentioned. Operating in a similar way to many online comparison websites, we take some details from you before presenting you with a plethora of quotations. As we are focused on our customers, we remain respectful throughout the entire process and even once you have received your quotation, we have not asked for any of your personal information. As a result, you will not be subjected to any aggressive sales tactics, or constant bombardment through your inbox. OnRecycle are a trustworthy team who have the customer's genuine interests at heart.

How It Works

Having arrived on our website, you may have noticed the large search box at the top of each page. When you are ready to receive a quotation, simply enter the model of your Asus handset and browse the selection of phones that match its description. In addition to the names of the handsets, you will also see images of them - making it easier for you to select the correct handset.

When you click on the correct phone, you will be taken to a new page that asks for some additional details. In order for us to provide you with the most accurate price, we need to know the condition that your handset is in, and the version (in terms of storage size). The network that your phone is locked to (if any) may also affect the value of the quotation that you receive, so it is vital that these options are selected carefully and honestly.

That's all there is to it! The screen will update and you will be provided with a table of quotations from recyclers who are all eager to buy your handset from you. Take care when selecting the company that you wish to sell through. Although it can be extremely tempting to choose the one who offers you the largest price, there are other factors which should be taken into account. Are you able to trust the recycler? What is their star rating? Have you read other user reviews? Furthermore, it is worth considering how quickly the payment will be made. All of these factors may have an impact on who you wish to sell to.

Once you have chosen, you are free to follow the on-screen instructions, before sending your device off (many recyclers will provide you with the postage and packing materials to save you the hassle). You can now decide where your next mobile phone will come from! If you are particularly interested in Asus as a manufacturer, here are a couple of phones which may interest you: