Sell Your HTC Phone

If you've decided you'd like to recycle your HTC phone, it's only fair that you'll be searching for ways to sell your HTC phone for the best price - right? Cue OnRecycle, the nifty online comparison service that takes the hassle out of selling your HTC phone.

We compare prices from across the market within minutes to ensure you get the most money for your HTC model and the condition it is in. Recycle your HTC phone for cash by searching for the model, browsing the quotations and selecting the perfect option for you. Simple!

Cher Wang and Peter Chou founded HTC in 1997, and the Taiwanese consumer electronics company have since found a very stable place in the highly-competitive mobile telecommunications industry. With a series of regular releases, the HTC phone is still a highly popular choice of smartphone within a market dominated by Apple and Samsung devices.

Although HTC began manufacturing Windows mobile phones, they became part of the 'Open Handset Alliance' and began to turn manufacturing Android phones. In 2000, HTC made history by creating one of the world's first touchscreen devices, releasing both the HP iPAQ and the Palm Treo 650.

Despite HTC being one of the key competitors within the mobile phone industry, their handsets do not necessarily suit every user (as is the case with all mobile phones). Some HTC users will have considered trading it in at some point - obtaining cash for their existing unit whilst searching the web for a more suitable smartphone.

This is where OnRecycle come in. We have become experts at linking HTC mobile phone operators with recyclers who are prepared to pay a fantastic sum of money for their device. If you are interested in selling yours, you've come to the right place.

OnRecycle's Service

OnRecycle give you access to some of the world's biggest online recyclers. In order to use the service, we request a few details before we are able to find you a quotation. When you enter your HTC model into the search bar, a list of related devices appears, along with their images.

Click on the product that matches, and you will be transferred to a new screen that asks for some more specific details. Here we need to know the condition that your phone is in, the network that the phone is locked with, and the phone version (in terms of memory). This enables us to provide a more accurate price for your phone.

When the list of recyclers appears below, you are free to select a buyer who fits your criteria. Other than price, we recommend that you consider the company's existing reputation and payment terms before you choose. There are also links to reviews that previous sellers have left, so that you can read up on how previous users have dealt with the recycler.

We want you to have a stress-free experience when selling your HTC smartphone. This is why, on the majority of cases, we are happy to guide you through the remainder of your sales journey. If you get the option to sell through OnRecycle, you will benefit from our secure payment system and we are also there to give you advice along the way.

Selling your mobile phone couldn't be simpler than with OnRecycle. We place our customers at the heart of everything we do, allowing you to take advantage of the effective relationships that we have created. Having received the cash for your handset, you are now in the perfect place to shop for a new smartphone. If you like what HTC have to offer, you could consider some of the following handsets: