Sell My iPhone 5C

Sell My iPhone 5C

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Sell your iPhone 5C using OnRecycle for a fuss-free way to get the most money. Our speedy service compares all major mobile recyclers in seconds, making selling your iPhone 5C easier than ever.

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Sell My iPhone 5C For Cash

Apple are a world famous brand within the consumer electronics, online services and computer software industries. Since they were founded in 1976, the company has gone from strength to strength and has managed to maintain a great reputation worldwide. One of the reasons Apple is so popular is due to the high-quality, state-of-the-art technology incorporated within each product, whilst maintaining a user-friendly experience.

Apple regularly release new products to help them retain brand loyalty, and each time they do, they generate excitement in the marketplace - with consumers and critics speculating about the potential features of the latest products. Whilst this is exciting - and customers are able to benefit from the products being launched - it also means that older devices lose their value quickly. The iPhone 5C, for example, was released in 2013 and is already worth only a fraction of its sales value. When owners wish to upgrade, it can be difficult to do so without the finances.

OnRecycle have helped consumers find solutions for their smartphone needs for years. We know what it is like to be left behind with technology and need a newer handset that is more suited to your lifestyle. Finding a buyer who will offer a great sum of cash is time-consuming and can often end in disappointment. However, it needn't end this way - using the OnRecycle process, you'll find the best place to sell iPhone 5C models almost instantly!

We work with some of the world's largest online recyclers to give you a platform upon which to sell iPhone 5C models. OnRecycle is completely free to use, and gives you all of the information you need to make a sale. We do not take any personal details from our customers during the quotation process, which ensures that you won't receive any aggressive sales calls or emails. The system has been designed with the user in mind; it is both quick and easy to use.

Selling Your iPhone 5C With OnRecycle

If you have decided to recycle your iPhone 5C, OnRecycle is the ultimate place to start. Simply log on, find your model and tell us some general information about its condition and storage size.

Once our system has these details, it can generate iPhone 5C trade in prices and other important data to help you sell your iPhone 5C online. The comparison table boasts an easy-to-follow format that can be adjusted to suit your needs. We think you'll agree that this is easier than shopping around for a list of potential buyers, before researching them and making a decision?

We recommend paying close attention to the 'payment period', 'payment method' columns, as well as the 'user rating' field, which will help determine what kind of recycler you'd like to do business with.

Once you have decided on a recycler, you are ready to sell your iPhone 5C. Click on the 'sell now' button and follow the remaining steps to complete the sale. When the money arrives in your bank account, you can start shopping around for a new smartphone.

Apple iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c was released in 2013. It has dimensions of 124.4 x 59.2 x 9 mm and weighs 132 grams. It has a 4-inch display which has a pixel rating of 640 x 1136, the same as the iPhone 5s, which was also released in 2013. One of the ways in which the 5c differs, however, is in the choice of colours that are available to customers, these being white, blue, green, yellow and pink.

Elsewhere, the iPhone 5c operates from iOS 7 when purchased, and this can be upgraded to iOS 10.3.2. The device can be bought as either an 8, 16 or 32GB model. It has an 8 megapixel camera and Siri functionality. The iPhone 5c also plays MP3 and MP4 files and has a battery life of up to 250 hours standby (3G), up to 10 hours talk time (3G) and up to 40 hours of music.

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