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Apple have been trading since 1976, specialising in consumer electronics, online services and computer software. Since they were established, they have become a household name around the world. Consumers associate Apple products with terms such as 'quality,' 'style' and 'innovation'. Whether it be their range of software (e.g. Safari, iLife or iTunes) or hardware, (iPod, iPhone, etc.) Apple customers know that they will be purchasing a product which is user-friendly, whilst incorporating the latest features in modern technology.

Keeping up with evolving technology and consumer demand is not easy, but Apple have over 40 years of experience in exceeding customer's expectations. One of their methods is to regularly release new products, to ensure they keep pace with technological innovation. In 2017, they are due to release the iPhone 8, and future customers are already speculating as to what features and technological developments the device will include.

Whilst we are sure that many customers will love the iPhone 8, not everyone may be suited to the new model. Rumours suggest that more than one version of the device is set to be launched and, therefore, consumers may wish to switch from one model to another after they have bought the smartphone. If this happens to you, and you are not sure if you can afford swapping models, OnRecycle can help.

How OnRecycle Can Help

We work with some of the world's biggest online recyclers to give consumers a platform upon which to sell their Apple iPhone 8 - enabling them to afford a different handset. Our website works in the same way as many price comparison websites, generating quotations from a range of potential buyers, quickly and easily.

When you use the OnRecycle system, you will not be asked for any personal information. This ensures that you will not be harassed by aggressive sales calls, nor will you be bombarded by emails from companies trying to get you to sell your Apple iPhone 8. If, during any part of the process, you change your mind, you are free to walk away without any questions being asked. We provide you with free, no-obligation quotations only.

The OnRecycle System

The OnRecycle system is easy-to-use; even the most non-technical of operators will enjoy obtaining a quote! To begin with, we need to ask a few questions about your specific handset (this is so we can get you the most accurate list of buyers and prices). Click on the search bar that appears at the top of the page, and enter the name of the model you are selling. A dropdown box with related devices will then appear - click the one that matches your model and the screen will update.

We now need to know which version you are selling, and the condition it is in. The version refers to the storage size of the Apple iPhone 8. When it comes to the phone's condition, please respond honestly to ensure that your list of quotations is accurate and the buyer knows exactly what they are receiving. Both the version and condition will affect the value that recyclers are willing to pay. If you are worried about your iPhone being damaged or broken, do not despair. Many recyclers are still willing to pay a fantastic price for items that are in this condition!

After you have selected the condition and version of your iPhone 8, the screen will refresh and present you with a table of information, along with your quotations. The list can be rearranged and filtered either by 'price' 'payment period' or 'user rating.' Click on the arrows next to these headings, and the list will update to give you the recyclers giving you the highest / lowest of these values at the top.

We suggest that you pay particular attention to the 'user rating' field, as this will give you a good idea of what the recycler is like to do business with. Not everyone's reputations are the same, and it is important that you are happy with the company your sending your iPhone 8 to. Read some of the reviews left by other sellers (this can be done by clicking on the 'view reviews' link) and try to develop a better idea about what kind of sales experience you will have with each recycler. In addition, the 'user rating' column gives you a star rating (calculated by the number of complaints per 100 orders through OnRecycle) to help you make your decision - the higher the stars, the more positive your experience with the recycler is likely to be.

Once you have chosen a recycler, click on the 'sell now' button and follow the remaining instructions to sell your iPhone 8. Having done so, you can start to look around for the next smartphone to purchase. Here is our preview of what the iPhone 8 is rumoured to be like.

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone has been scheduled for release in October 2017. Rumours suggest that some models will have a curved AMOLED display - materials of which may be supplied by their smartphone competitors, Samsung. Other models may have an OLED display. At present, we believe that Apple are still testing a number of prototypes, so we will have to wait and see exactly what the iPhone 8 will do and how it will appear.

The iPhone 8 looks like it will have a 5.8-inch edge to edge screen - this means that the 'home' button will not be on the device and the function it performs will be replaced by the touch screen itself. Apple seem to be trying to incorporate as many features as possible behind the screen, including the speakers, a front-facing (3D) camera and even the sensors. The iPhone 8 is also rumoured to have a glass case.

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