Sell Your Nokia Phone

Sell your Nokia phone within minutes, courtesy of OnRecycle. With our nifty comparison service, you can rest assured you'll receive the best price when you recycle your Nokia phone for cash. What's more, we can even help you sell old Nokia phones - get started to find out more!

Selling your Nokia phone is easy: just choose your model from the list, or use the search bar above, before providing us with a few simple details. Our system will showcase quotations from mobile phone recyclers, along with extra information that'll help you make your decision.

When Nokia began its operations in 1865, the world was a completely different place to what it is today. Initially trading in the 'pulp mill' industry, the company could scarcely have believed that it would become the multinational company that it is today, trading in telecoms infrastructures, licensing and technical development. Although most people associate companies such as Apple and Samsung with contemporary mobile telephones, Nokia is still a key member of that industry, developing standards known as GSM and LTE. At one point, Nokia was even the largest vendor of mobile phones in the world! This was likely to have been one of the reasons why Nokia was purchased by Microsoft.

Although devices such as the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy sell in much higher volumes, Nokia has, to some extent, managed to keep pace with these organisations. Along its rich history, devices such as the Nokia 215 and Lumia 930 have entered the marketplace and sold well. However, it is very common for mobile phone consumers to consistently upgrade their handsets or even change manufacturers.

If you have a Nokia 215 or Lumia 930 and are thinking about selling it, you have come to the right place. OnRecycle have been helping sellers find suitable buyers for their Nokia telephones for years! We have done the hard work so that all you need to do, to find a buyer, is enter the details of your device and you will be instantly paired to one of our many online recyclers. The system is incredibly easy to use, and has been designed with the customer at the heart of the process. We understand that time is precious in today's hectic society, so we've made things simple for you.

How The System Works

Upon arriving on our website, you may notice that each page has a search bar at the top. Simply enter your model name (either the Nokia 215 or Lumia 930) into that bar, and your device will appear, complete with its image. Click on the relevant image to be transferred on to a new screen that'll enable us to take more specific details about your phone.

Select the condition of your phone (working, broken and new) and the network that it is linked to (if any). Having done so, you will notice that a table appears below, which gives you a list of recyclers and the prices they are willing to pay! All of this information is available after just seconds of filtering your data.

If you wish to sell, you can now choose a buyer. Amend the data to suit your requirements. For example, if price is your only interest, click on the 'price' field and the highest one will appear at the top of the list. If you are more interested in receiving immediate payment, click on the 'payment period' field. Another field that you can sort the data by is 'user rating.'

Before you sell to a recycler, we always recommend that you consider the 'user rating' field. This is a star rating system which is calculated by the quality of reviews and ratings left by previous sellers. We also recommend that you read some of the more detailed reviews prior to accepting a deal with anyone. You could also consider going onto the recycler's website and checking that they are a reputable company. Like any industry, there is potential for fraudulent recyclers to appear, so be sure to check these details before you go ahead.

Once you have found a suitable recycler, you are free to complete your sale. Click on the 'sell now' button which is at the end of the recycler's row, and you are taken through the remainder of the process. We always recommend that, if you are given the option, you sell through OnRecycle. Doing so gives you the benefit of our expert advice and guidance, and allows you to relax in the knowledge that you will be paying through a safe and secure system.

Having sold your phone, you can now look at purchasing another mobile handset. If you are particularly interested in Nokia, here are some reviews of our favourite models.