Sell Your Siemens Phone

Siemens range of mobile phones were probably most popular within the 20th century. The division 'Siemens Mobile' manufactured mobile telephones and were a division of the huge organisation known as Siemens AG. They manufactured the first ever colour screen mobile (the Siemens S10) and they also released the first outdoor phone (the S10 active).

Slightly later, Siemens recorded some other 'firsts' with the slider phone (the SL10) in 1999, and in 2000 they released one of the first ever phones with an MP3 player and external memory card support, in the Siemens SL45. The last phones that Siemens released onto the market were the AL21, A31 and AF51 models, released in 2005.

Since that time, the mobile telephone market has changed radically. Led by companies such as Apple and Samsung, the industry has completely transformed the way in which we use mobile phones, and what we use them for. When Siemens were releasing their products, they could scarcely have believed how much the technology would change, and how many people would rely on their mobile every day. As such, Siemens mobile phones are rarely seen in contemporary society.

If you have a Siemens mobile and are considering selling it, OnRecycle can help. We are able to pair you with a buyer for your Siemens mobile device - a buyer who may well be prepared to pay a fantastic sum of money.

Who We Are

OnRecycle are a company who act as the 'middle man' between sellers and buyers of Siemens mobile phones. We have spent years creating effective working relationships with some of the biggest mobile phone recyclers in the world, so that you don't have to spend time looking for the company who will offer you the largest sum of cash. Our easy-to-use system works in a very similar way to many of the price comparison websites that are found online today. However, unlike many of those websites, we will not ask you to provide any confidential data or contact details when you are searching for a quotation. This ensures that you will not be bombarded by a series of emails or phone calls from us or any third parties.

The OnRecycle System

When you want to receive a free, no-obligation quotation, simply log onto our website and enter the details of your Siemens mobile phone into the search box at the top of each page. Press enter and the system will recognise the data and produce a list of related products. Select the one that best matches your phone, and you will be taken to another screen.

On this page, we need to know a few more details about your phone, in order to ensure the quotations are as accurate as possible. Select the phone's condition (do not despair if your Siemens phone is broken - we can still get you a fantastic price), the network it is locked with, and the version of your phone (in terms of storage size - if applicable).

Now you are ready to see some prices! The system will automatically update, and the list of recyclers who are willing to offer you a great price for your phone will appear. You are free to choose from the list of recyclers - before you go ahead, however, we suggest that you consider a few factors.

Firstly, price is likely to be very important to you. You can arrange the data to bring the recycler who will pay you the most to the top of the list. Simply click on the arrows located next to the 'price' column, and the data will rearrange itself. Whilst it can be tempting to choose the recycler who offers you the largest sum of money without looking at any of the others, we do recommend that you consider some other factors which can affect the quality of your sales experience.

We encourage you to check the reputability of the recycler you are choosing to trade with. Against the 'user rating' column, you will notice another pair of arrows, which can be clicked to rearrange the order of the data. Take note of the star rating against your chosen recycler, and it is also worth taking the time to read some of the user reviews left by previous sellers.

Once you have found a recycler, you are free to sell. Click on the 'sell now' button and follow the remaining steps to complete your sale. Once you have sold your Siemens phone, you may be wondering what other models in the series were like. Here are our reviews on two of the devices.