Sell Your Apple Smartwatch for Cash

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The 'Apple' brand has been associated with new, innovative products ever since they were formed in 1976. They are a huge, multinational technology company whose headquarters are based in California. The founding members are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

The range of products that Apple have produced cover industries such as consumer electronics, online services and computer software. In terms of hardware, their most popular products include the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod and the Apple smartwatches: the first of which was released in 2015. The Apple watches have fitness-tracking capabilities, providing they are paired with an iPhone (from the iPhone 5 onwards). The second generation of Apple smartwatches was released in 2016.

Mobile phone technology evolves at an incredibly fast pace and the rate at which smartwatch technology evolves may become similar. As with mobile phones, there are a number of competitors involved in the battle for having the bestselling smartwatch, and this keeps technology moving at a fast pace. As consumers, we are privileged to live in an era where technical products are launched so quickly. However, due to this, the products that we do buy become outdated relatively quickly and it is not cheap to keep up with the latest technology! There is, however, an answer.

OnRecycle are a company who give consumers the opportunity to sell their existing Apple smartwatches for a fantastic price. If you are looking to upgrade to the next model, and cannot afford to buy it outright - consider selling through OnRecycle and using the cash towards it.

What We Do

We have spent years building up relationships with some of the biggest online recyclers in the world. Due to the effort and time we have put in, we have provided sellers of Apple smartwatches with a platform upon which to access a suitable buyer. No longer do you need to spend hours calling around a series of potential buyers, finding out who will offer you the best price - OnRecycle has done all of this for you. Simply tell us what you wish to sell, and we will provide you with free no-obligation quotations from a series of recyclers who are eager to take your Apple smartwatch from you. Furthermore, we do not collect any additional personal data from you which means you will be free from a bombardment of emails and sales calls.

How Our System Works

When you want a quotation, simply enter the details of your Apple smartwatch into the search bar that appears at the top of the page. A dropdown list of relevant products will appear, and you can then select the one which suits your smartwatch the best.

The system also needs to know the condition of the smartwatch, so that we can return an accurate list of prices. Rest assured that even if your Apple smartwatch is broken, you may still be offered a great price for it. You may be asked to change some other criteria on-screen, depending on the watch you have.

Now that we know the details of your Apple smartwatch, you can sit back, relax, and view the list, knowing that you are guaranteed a great price! When choosing the recycler that best meets your requirements, we suggest that you ask yourself a few questions.

One such question concerns the reputability of the recycler. Have you ever heard of them? It is important that you trust the recycler that you are selling with, so that you are sure that the money they have offered will be forthcoming, when they say it will be. You could read some of the onsite reviews (click on the 'view reviews' link to do this), or have a look at the buyer's website.

Other questions we suggest you consider concerns the method by which you will receive payment, and the speed with which it will be made. If you are after some urgent cash, these factors will play a big part in deciding who you sell to. For example, you are more likely to sell to a company paying on the same day, or within a couple; you may not want to wait around for a cheque, and for it to go through the clearing process.

Once you have chosen a recycler, you are free to go ahead and sell your Apple smartwatch. Click on the 'sell now' button, and go through the remaining processes to complete the sale. If you are offered the choice, we suggest that your sell through OnRecycle as we will process your payment through a secure system, and you are can benefit from our expert advice and guidance during the process.

When you have received payment, you may be wondering how new purchases compare with your previous Apple smartwatch. Here is our brief review of the 42mm Apple watch, to give you some information to work with.

Apple Watch 42mm

The Apple Watch was released in 2015. It has dimensions of 42 x 35.9 x 10.5 mm and weighs 50 grams. When paired with an iPhone (version 5 or more recent), the device has fitness-tracking capabilities. The watch is water resistant to up to 1 meter, and for 30 minutes.

The Apple Watch has a display with a size of 1.65 inches and a resolution of 390 x 312 pixels. It operates through a multi-touch functionality and comes with the watchOS 1.0 operating system (this is upgradeable to 3.2).

The Apple Watch has 8GB of RAM. It has an MP3 player, photo viewer and Siri voice command. The battery holds for up to 22 hours (standby) and 3 hours 40 minutes (talk time).