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Genius Uses for an Old Mobile Phone

Genius Uses for an Old Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are part of normal life – we just could not do without them. They’re essential parts of our everyday lives and they’re certainly here to stay. They keep us connected in a way that was unheard of even a decade ago. In addition, mobile phones give us rapid and easy access to a wide variety of tools and resources designed to make our lives easier.

Yet mobile phones can outlive their usefulness or develop faults. At this point, unwanted mobile phones are usually left to clutter up a drawer. But they could be used in other ways.

1. Streaming Music Assistant

Who among us isn’t addicted to streaming music these days? Consider putting your old Smart Phone to good use by using it to store, play, and organise some of your favourite music. A Smartphone is small and can be kept close at hand. Now that you’re no longer worried about maintaining enough free storage to run your old mobile as a communication device, you’re free to go ahead and fill it with your favourite music instead. Consider installing a dedicated media manager to make it easier.

You can also use your old mobile phone to connect to your HDTV if the phone is equipped with an HDMI port. This enables your mobile phone to become a compact substitute for an exorbitantly priced Apple TV. No HDMI port? Convert your old mobile phone into a sleek universal remote instead.

2. Simple Portable GPS

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that once your old mobile phone is disconnected from your service of choice that it can’t be tapped for its awesome GPS powers. Install a sat nav app, or download maps and navigational resources offline via your computer. Then take it with you wherever you go as a back up for when the battery on your usual phone is running low.

3. Alarm Clock

These days, more and more people are using their mobile phones in place of analog or digital alarm clocks. Do you tend to charge your main mobile phone in a room other than your bedroom… or would you prefer to? Consider putting your old mobile phone to good use as a dedicated alarm clock instead. You’ll most likely sleep much better without the sound of message notifications or access to Facebook immediately at hand.

4. Back-Up Wi-Fi Phone

Running out of battery power on your mobile phone when you need to make an important call is extremely irritating. Turn your old mobile phone into a back-up emergency phone (complete with perpetually charged battery) for those times when you really, really need to get in touch with someone, but your main phone is out of commission. Providing you remember to keep the battery charged or carry a charger with you at all times, it will provide the back up you need especially when travelling.

5. Recipe Organizer and Meal Planner

A back-up smart phone makes a great option when it comes to organising recipes, making meal plans, and helping you with the overall process of cooking delicious, nutritious meals. Load it with all of your favourite cooking or recipe apps. Use it to store useful episodes of your favourite cooking shows. A smart phone or unwanted mobile phone is so small and easy to store that you can easily keep it in one of your kitchen drawers. It will always be ready to use just when you need it.

As you can see, an old mobile phone doesn’t stop being useful once you upgrade to a new one. If you do not fancy any of these options a really good option is to recycle your old mobile phone with OnRecycle.

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