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How Much Gold Is In Mobile Phones?

How Much Gold Is In Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones are extremely valuable in more ways than one. A top-of-the-line phone is prized for the sheer strength of its computing power, not to mention the level of convenience it provides to its owner. Average prices for a brand new iPhone are high.

What many people don’t realise is that mobile phones are valuable in other ways as well, most notably for the amount of raw materials that go into manufacturing them. In fact, mobile phones actually contain a significant amount of gold - the world’s most valuable and sought after material. As a result, mobile phones retain considerable value even when their original owners no longer need them.

So Just How Much Gold Are We Talking About?

It is estimated that a single bag filled with around 35-40 used, broken, or otherwise unwanted mobile phones contains about a gram of gold. While one gram of gold may not sound like a lot, consider the fact that one ton of raw ore has to be processed to create the same amount of gold. That much ore adds up to a lot of labour, energy, and expended resources that could be saved.

Recycling is the answer here. If everyone made the effort to recycle their old mobile phone every single time they upgraded, we could truly make a tremendous difference when it comes to recovering large amounts of gold and putting it back into circulation.

And That Is Not All!

Gold isn’t the only valuable material found in mobile phones that can be properly recycled and put to good use. Mobile phones also contain multiple metals like silver and nickel, as well as other recyclable substances like rubber and plastic. As with gold, the production of these materials involves a lot of power, energy, and labour that can be drastically reduced when we recycle.

Recycling with OnRecycle helps preserve the integrity of the environment. Old mobile phones, as well as other electronics like computers and tablets, contain toxic compounds like mercury and lead. If not disposed of properly, old mobile phones can deteriorate over time. Ground water can become contaminated and delicate balances can easily be disrupted.

How to Help By Recycling Your Old Mobile Phone

Of course, knowing that you should recycle your old phones and electronics is one thing. Actually understanding how to go about it is another. You can sell your phone to OnRecycle who specialise in helping people to recycle their unwanted mobile phones.

At the end of the day, it’s high time we realise the inherent value present in our electronics, both before and after we’re ready to retire them. Be part of the solution and recycle your old phone today!