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Why Making Money Should Not Be Your Only Reason to Sell Your Phone

Why Making Money Should Not Be Your Only Reason to Sell Your Phone

In the information age, more and more people are discovering the benefits of recycling. Once thought of as something for only hippies and New Agers, recycling is now recognised as an essential part of living a cleaner, greener lifestyle and being environmentally responsible overall.

With the rising prevalence of mobile phones and other personal electronics, recycling is more important than ever. Over 100 million phones go unwanted every year and people are becoming slowly accustomed to the idea of selling their mobile phone instead of simply tossing it in a drawer. Many are even making money by choosing to do so – money that can be put toward the costs of an upgrade.

However, it’s important to realize that making money is not the only good reason to sell your phone. There are many other benefits.

Environmental Benefits

Mobile phones and other electronics are filled with parts that do not degrade naturally. These parts include the battery. Mobile phones also contain various chemicals and substances that can harm the environment if allowed to seep into the ground water or contaminate nearby ecosystems. These include lead, cadmium, and mercury.

Even one improperly disposed of mobile phone has the power to do extensive environmental damage. Now imagine hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people doing the same thing with their own unwanted or broken mobile phones. That’s a lot of toxic build-up accumulating and damaging the environment. When you make the choice to sell your phone or otherwise recycle it in an environmentally responsible fashion, you’re doing your part to preserve our planet.

Cut Down on Clutter

Most people keep intending to cut down on the amount of clutter within the house. Old gadgets, phones, and electronics are the type of thing that everyone expects to find a use for eventually. We think about using old phones as spares or giving them away to siblings or friends. Then we just never quite get around to it.

Instead, these items simply wind up taking up space and accumulating dust. They become homes for mites, bacteria, and viruses. This can contribute to problems with allergies and illnesses over time. Plus, wouldn’t you rather use that drawer to store things you actually use?

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