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What Is the Point of Selling My Phone?

What Is the Point of Selling My Phone?

So it’s finally time! Your mobile service provider has just informed you that you’re finally eligible for another upgrade and you’ve been watching the market carefully. It only stands to reason that you’d be very excited and eager to make the switch. There’s just one little detail to deal with. What will you do with your old phone?

If you’re like a lot of modern day consumers, you’ll probably do one of three things. You might toss your old phone into a drawer somewhere and tell yourself you’ll do something with it later. You might simply toss it into the bin. However, you might decide to recycle your phone by selling it instead.

Is it really worth selling your old phone? There are actually quite a few benefits involved both for you and for the environment from recycling your phone at OnReycle.

Save Money

No one can afford to waste money especially when it is a potentially valuable item like a mobile phone. While it’s tempting to look at your old, discarded iPhone as no longer having value simply because you’ve upgraded, it is valuable to other people.

You can use the money to help cover the costs of your upgrade, purchase extra apps and accessories.

Help the Environment

Tossing your old mobile phone into the rubbish bin is more than just a waste of a potentially valuable item. Old phones that are not disposed of correctly can cause serious harm to the environment.

Toxic substances such as lead, cadmium, and mercury can eventually seep out of the phone and contaminate the surrounding areas. It will harm not only the nearby ecosystems, but various animals and eventually even humans. The same goes for laptops, computers, tablets, and other types of electronic waste. In fact, e-waste is currently one of the leading causes of pollution in the entire world.

Keep Clutter at Bay

OK, so you’re more of a “throw it in the drawer” person than a “toss it on the bin” culprit. Since you’re not doing anything that’s liable to harm the environment at any point in the near future, it’s fine, right? This can result in drawers and cupboards full of old, unwanted and unused equipment.

Selling any old phones that have been accumulated over the years is a great way to reduce clutter.

Use OnRecycle to Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

It is highly recommended to sell your old mobile phone to a company who will recycle it to help the environment. OnRecycle’s very easy three step system even entitles you to receive cash for your old mobile phone. Recycle your old mobile phone with OnRecycle today.