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Mobile Phone Recycling: Just a Fad or Worthwhile Pursuit?

Mobile Phone Recycling: Just a Fad or Worthwhile Pursuit?

Mobile phones are more than just a fun convenience or a status symbol in the way they might have been a decade ago. An up-to-date, fully functional mobile phone complete with all the accessories has become a necessity. Today’s mobile phones don’t just keep us in touch with the people that are most important to us. They assist us with everything from finding vital information, online shopping, answering e-mail, and providing entertainment.

Given the rate at which technology is advancing, the average person only keeps a mobile phone for a maximum of two years. That adds up to quite a few obsolete and unwanted phones over time. Recycling is one of the best solutions to this dilemma for a number of reasons… but is recycling really something you ought to pay attention to or is it just another fad? Does it really have much benefit?

A Closer Look at the Facts

Almost every person in Britain, adult and child, has a mobile phone. These are replaced regularly either because they develop faults or because their owners want to upgrade them. This results in a tremendous amount of unwanted phones being left in drawers and cupboards.

Not surprisingly, the sheer amount of electronic waste caused by the number of unwanted mobile phones causes major concerns for the environment. This is why consumers are increasingly being encouraged to recycle electronic devices rather than throwing them away. This helps to preserve the environment, reduce the amount of natural resources being used and saves money.

The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Mobile Phones

Recycling though OnRecycle offers considerable benefits to everyone – consumers, businesses, manufacturers, society and above all else, to the planet on which we live. Mobile phones are made from materials that are extremely valuable resources for many industries. Recycling saves energy, materials and is very cost effective.

When you choose to recycle your mobile phone, you’re saving a fortune in labour, energy, and resources by giving them a chance to be reused in the making of new devices. In fact, recycling just a single cell phone is estimated to save enough energy to run a basic laptop for up to 44 hours. If all the phones that are likely to be replaced this year were recycled, enough energy would be saved to power over 24,000 homes for more than a year.

Once your mobile phone reaches the point where it’s of no further use to you, all of its components and parts are 100% recyclable. These materials include silicon plastics, epoxy, ceramics, ABS-PC, and multiple metal compounds including nickel, silver, and zinc. If you choose to simply toss your unwanted mobile phone away, some materials – like cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead — deteriorate in ways that directly harm the environment. Wouldn’t it be better to dispose of those substances in ways that help?

Recycle Your Old Mobile With OnRecycle

The benefits of recycling your mobile are clear to see. Visit OnRecycle to get the best deals when you sell your mobile phone. Feel good about recycling and get paid for doing it.