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The 4 Most Unconventional Uses for a Mobile Phone Ever

The 4 Most Unconventional Uses for a Mobile Phone Ever

For most people these days, their phone is their lifeline to their family and friends, as well as an important communication tool for their work. It’s an important source of entertainment and information as well.

Sooner or later though, all of us are faced with the dilemma of deciding what to do with an old or outmoded mobile phone. The best option is to recycle it with OnRecycle, this will earn you money and help save the planet. Here are some unconventional uses for mobile phones.

1. Breathalyser

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to tell whether or not you were too drunk to drive before you risked getting yourself in trouble? Wouldn’t it be great if there were actually a way to tell? Well, your mobile phone can actually help you with that and it doesn’t need to be your current mobile phone either.

If you own an iPhone, it can serve as a Breathalyzer in a pinch thanks to a handy attachment called the iBreath. By using this attachment after having a few drinks you can tell if you are safe to drive or not.

2. Bulletproof Vest

Of course, this isn’t necessarily an immediate use for your old mobile phone or Smart Phone, but there are instances where a mobile phone was helped to save someone’s life. In Louisiana, USA, one man had his life saved when a bullet hit his mobile phone! R.J. Richard was actually seated on the back of his ride-on lawnmower when a 0.45 calibre bullet happened to hit the mobile phone that was clipped to his overalls at the time. Clearly, if your iPhone is in the right place at the right time, it really can save your life.

3. Medical Handbook

Most of us can probably share stories about how our mobile devices wound up delivering just the right piece of information at exactly the right time. That’s exactly what happened to David Nott, a British surgeon who was working in the Congo. He was able to successfully amputate the arm of a teenage boy using information he received via a text message. The information was relayed step by step, allowing Dr. Nott to save the boy’s life.

Of course, one should never rely on text messages in the event of an emergency. There’s always the chance that texts could arrive out of order or may not be delivered in time. However, they can help in emergencies. You can always plan ahead and load your mobile with a medical dictionary or a survival guide to turn to “just in case”... especially if you’re planning on being in the Congo anytime soon.

4. Prison Currency

Few of us plan to serve time in prison, but if the unexpected ever happens, it might be helpful to know that mobile phones can make excellent prison currency. Once upon a time, cigarettes and other similar contraband items were the hottest commodities when it came to life behind bars. These days, it’s all about mobile phones. Inmates behind bars are just as interested in staying connected as you are. A mobile phone is the best possible tool to have available when it comes to communication.

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There is no doubt that these uses are interesting. However, the best option you can use is to sell your phone with OnRecycle. Through their easy to use three step process, OnRecycle will make sure you get the best deal for your old mobile phone.