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What Happens to Old Mobile Phones?

What Happens to Old Mobile Phones?

The average mobile phone user upgrades or otherwise replaces their mobile phone every 18-24 months. When you consider the fact that just about every man, woman, and child in the UK has a mobile phone, it is clear that this results in millions of discarded, unwanted phones.

A similar situation exists worldwide. Wherever you go in the world, people use mobile phones – which are replaced on a regular basis. So what happens to all of those unwanted mobile phones? What are the right ways and wrong ways to dispose of a mobile phone? Let’s take a closer look at the facts.

Most Old Mobile Phones Are Disposed of Improperly

Not many people know what to do with their old mobile phone once they’ve brought a new one. There are millions of households out there which have drawers filled with old phones. It’s not that people mean to just let them sit there until the end of time, gathering dust and taking up space. It is simply due to lack of knowledge about better alternatives.

Some people do manage to get rid of unwanted items including obsolete laptops, discarded mobile phones, and unwanted tablets or e-readers. However, they take the wrong action by throwing the devices into the bin.

Once an old mobile phone enters the rubbish system, it becomes a toxic time bomb. Electronic products are filled with potentially harmful compounds, chemicals, and metals that can seep into the surrounding soil and contaminate ground water. This process damages the integrity of delicate and very important ecosystems, and can potentially jeopardise the health of human beings. Clearly, when you make the decision to throw your computer, tablet, or mobile phone into the rubbish, you are contributing to a very real and very serious problem.

Better Alternatives for a Brighter Future

In a day and age when so many people rely on mobile phones to communicate and run their lives, it’s essential that disposing of mobile phones is undertaken properly.

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